Chad Tappe

Today is Precious and Tomorrow is not Guaranteed

Last Thursday our secondary campus celebrated the birthday of our own Megan Nickell who died suddenly in an accident this past summer. Students and faculty wore her favorite color, purple, in her memory. Our prayers continue to be with the Nickell family as they live through this tremendous loss. And we find yet another way of being reminded of the simple truth that today is precious, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

There are certain days where we are reminded of this more than others, and some days when perhaps we actually live like we believe it. However, too often we get so caught up in our routines, our fast-paced “on to the next thing” focused lives that we forget the precious gift that comes in the form of our present… our now.

At a recent parent-teacher conference, my wife asked how our oldest daughter was progressing academically. She was informed that everything was going well but that there were some things we could work on with our daughter. Namely, she tends to rush through her work and sometimes misses certain details of assignments, too focused on completing the task at hand. When we spoke with our daughter, she confirmed this saying, “I just want to get it done as fast as possible, and I get excited to move on to the next thing”. We didn’t even need to ask where she picked up this mentality… we knew. She’s having it modeled for her daily by two parents who go and go and go, trying to complete tasks and move on to the next thing. She learned it from me.

There’s an old country song with lyrics that read:

“I’m in a hurry to get things done, Oh I rush and rush until life’s no fun. All I’ve really got to do is live and die, but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.”

You and I need that daily reminder that getting things done is not all there is. As parents, not only do we need to be careful about the example we are set for our children, we must also remind ourselves not to fast-forward through these treasured opportunities we have been given with our children. Today is precious and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Chad Tappe

Chad Tappe

Head of Advancement and Enrollment

Chad Tappe is the Head of Advancement and Enrollment at CAC. Chad received his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from Harding University. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Leadership Studies at the University of Central Arkansas.

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