Jordan Collier

The Start

What a great start to the school year! I’ve heard so many positive stories from students who are excited about what’s in store for this year and how much they love being on Mustang Mountain. I love being surrounded by students who genuinely like being together at school each day, but what’s really awesome is that I’ve also heard the same stories from our staff— and I love to hear them! I love working with teachers who love their job and truly care about each of our students.

In yesterday’s reading of My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers writes:

“Look at God’s incredible waste of His saints, according to the world’s judgement. God seems to plant His saints in the most useless places. And then we say, “God intends for me to be here because I am so useful to Him.” Yet Jesus never measured His life by how or where He was of the greatest use. God places His saints where they will bring the most glory to Him, and we are totally incapable of judging where that may be.”

I am confident God has placed each of us here at CAC for His purpose— whatever that might be. All that He asks is that we walk with open hearts to love, open eyes to see, and open hands to care. When we do that, He’ll take care of the rest.

When I look at our faculty, that’s what I see— adults with open hearts who love young people, adults with open eyes who truly see our students, and adults with open hands ready to serve our school. Because of that, God will be able to do some amazing things.

We may not know exactly what He has in store for our school this year, but we can be sure it’ll be eventful. Enjoy the ride! The fun is just beginning.

Jordan Collier

Jordan Collier

Secondary Principal

Jordan Collier is the secondary principal at CAC. Prior to joining the CAC family in 2011, Jordan was an English teacher for the Cabot School District. Jordan is a two-time graduate of Harding University (’03 and ’08) and has a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Each week, Jordan shares his Friday Thoughts with the CAC faculty and staff, and an excerpt of that is shared on The 'Stang.

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