Jordan Collier

Make The Jump

What we are
How far is the distance between What we are and What we want to be? Whether we’re talking about a particular lesson, a project, a unit, a class, a faculty, a school, a community— any entity, really— I’m guessing the jump isn’t as far as we think. To make the jump, two things are needed:

1. A clear destination, vision, or goal
2. Courage

For me, when I don’t know exactly how I’ll get where I want to be, I sometimes stall and spend my time trying to figure everything out rather than making the jump. Other times, I just jump and figure it out along the way.

If you’re sitting on an idea you’ve been wanting to try in the classroom, make the jump and figure out the details along the way. I’ll help if I can.

The image above is from Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist— a must-read for educators. Check it out when you have some time. It’s a short book packed with insight.

Jordan Collier

Jordan Collier

Secondary Principal

Jordan Collier is the secondary principal at CAC. Prior to joining the CAC family in 2011, Jordan was an English teacher for the Cabot School District. Jordan is a two-time graduate of Harding University (’03 and ’08) and has a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Each week, Jordan shares his Friday Thoughts with the CAC faculty and staff, and an excerpt of that is shared on The 'Stang.

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