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‘Let the Little Children Come to Me’ — Meeting the Needs of Lagosette

One of the greatest joys of my years at CAC is watching our students serve. They raise money, donate clothing and food, buy gifts, paint houses, rake leaves, repair bicycles, sing for senior citizens, send kids to Disneyland, play ball with younger kids and on and on and on.  Why?  “For the Father” – that is our standing missions statement. Mustang Missions was formed to give glory to God through our service. And, our students not only get it – they live it. Rarely has a challenge arisen that the Mustangs didn’t handle. If we are called upon, and we put our faith in God, the mission is accomplished. This year will be no different – “For the Father.”

“We are not owners of these blessings but caretakers. We are not given these things to keep them, but to give them to others in need.”

Since the fall of 2010, we have started our Mustang Missions schedule with the same annual challenge of raising money to buy shoes for each student at the Lagosette School. You may ask where is the Lagosette School and why don’t the students there have shoes? One answer most likely will cover both questions – Haiti.

As in many poverty stricken countries, in Haiti, education is life. Students must pass a series of exams in order to move from lower school to secondary school. Those who don’t pass are eventually released from the school system. The Lagosette School has one of the highest success rates of students advancing. This past school year they posted a 100% passing rate!

Lagosette boy holds CAC bagTheir success formula may sound familiar to you – a dedicated staff, a solid curriculum and daily worship and instruction about Jesus Christ. CAC and Lagosette are two Christian schools working for the same goal in two very different parts of the world. The difference – we live in unprecedented abundance while Haiti is the most impoverished country in the world.

For a long time I didn’t understand why I get to live where I do and teach with air conditioning, clean water and Internet. Then God answered my confusion. We are not owners of these blessings but caretakers. We are not given these things to keep them, but to give them to others in need.

Our family began working with Manna Global Ministries in 2008. With God intersecting the paths of CAC and Lagosette, our likeness was soon apparent. In 2010 Manna Global Ministries reached out to the CAC and asked if we would consider adopting Lagosette. It was a no-brainer. We were sister schools in our direction and now we are sister schools in reality. We must take care of our little sister.

Lagosette girlsStudents in Haiti must wear uniforms to attend school including shoes. For $10 a quality pair of shoes can be purchased in Haiti. Buying shoes in-country not only allows Manna to avoid import taxes and fees (unpredictable in Haiti) but it also provides a boost to the local economy. I have watched the students at Lagosette arrive for school carrying their shoes. They do this because they only have one pair and many of them will walk for several miles on dirt roads or through sugarcane fields to attend. They love school and they cherish their shoes. This is where Mustang Missions enters the scene…

Our goal is $3,300. We are raising this money the old fashioned way – just give. We will be collecting money at the secondary campus each day for two weeks. Seniors will visit the elementary campuses as students arrive on Friday, Sept. 12, and Friday, Sept. 19 to collect. We must help insure our sister school continues to change the quality of life for their students and more importantly that they continue to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. “For the Father.”

Earlier this week, Monica Gautney, Haiti Director for Manna Global Ministries, and husband, Brad, sent a word of thanks to the students of CAC for their ongoing support of the Lagosette School. 

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan

Coach Danny Sullivan received his bachelor’s degree from Harding University and his Master of Education from the University of Central Arkansas. A Little Rock native and CAC graduate, Danny was inspired to become an educator by his former CAC teachers. Danny coaches football at CAC, is a senior class sponsor, a leader of Mustang Missions and coordinator for CAC's Europe trip.

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