Shelia Cruce

Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans Chapel

Students shake the hands of Veterans at PV Elementary’s Grandparents Day held on Oct. 3, 2014.

Each year, PV Elementary’s fifth and sixth grade classes learn the Military Medley to sing to our grandparents as part of our Grandparents Day program. When the grandparents hear their branch of the service song, they stand and everyone in the auditorium applauds. At the end of this song, I ask the veterans to come forward and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America. It’s a very emotional part of our program.

Two years ago, after returning from a trip to Washington DC, our students sang for the World War II veterans at the airport. The students knew the songs that the military band was playing, so they joined in. It was emotional time for parents and veterans, and an experience that filled me with grade pride for our students.

After that experience, the students said they were sad that they did not get to shake the veterans hands and thank them like we did that day. So they asked if they could shake the Veteran’s hands and say thank you to each one of them at Grandparents Day. Now, each year, I ask the veterans to come off the stage and line the aisle so each fifth and sixth grade student can thank them for giving us the gift of freedom.

I hear so many positive comments about this part of our program. The grandparents are so appreciative that we are teaching their grandchildren respect for our country and the men and women who have given their lives so we can live as we do.

Shelia Cruce

Shelia Cruce

Head of PV Elementary Campus

Mrs. Shelia Cruce is the Head of PV Elementary. Shelia received her Bachelor of Arts in speech therapy from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and her Master of Education from the Educational Leadership Program at Harding University. Prior to taking on the role of principal at Pleasant Valley Elementary, Mrs. Cruce served as the Director of Therapies at Easter Seals.

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