History, Tradition and Storytelling — Breathing Life Into ‘The Stang

Since the days of old, storytelling has played a principal role in our culture. From the prehistoric era, where stick figures depicted colorful tales on cave walls, to the fireside exchanging of legends by early North American tribes — storytelling is a time-tested method of carrying on a culture’s heritage.

Today, storytelling is not confined to a rock-wall canvas or to a fireside gathering – it’s happening all around us on mediums unimaginable to generations not too many years removed from us. From Twitter, to Facebook, to texting and photo sharing, we now stream snippets of our lives 24/7, making it hard to ignore that we are still a society of storytellers.

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” and the truth is, CAC is bursting with stories to be told. You may be wondering what a school blog offers that you can’t already find in the e-Mustang or weekly News & Notes. Well, the truth is, a blog is just another tributary of text and information – but our hope for The ‘Stang is that it will be much more than that.

Through The ‘Stang, we hope to lend a voice and new perspective to the stories that don’t quite fit the category of a normal news story. We want to offer a space where teachers, administrators and parents alike can discuss what matters most to our school family, and a place to share it in their own words.

From current events to hot topics in education, to tales recovered from times past, we want this blog to be a colorful reel of stories and a place where thoughts comes to life. And we want your help creating that.

Like Mustangs themselves, the CAC family has a distinct spirit, composed of many individuals who lend their energies to creating a strong and united body, stampeding towards one common goal — serving the Father and serving others.

But the wonderful thing about our family is that we have a loyal base of members from all walks of life, with many different perspectives and areas of expertise to share. By sharing that knowledge, and letting it roam the spans of our family’s combined intellect, we hope to continue to encourage, enlighten and strengthen CAC’s strong tradition of community and family.

Whether you pick up your pen and collaborate with us, or simply subscribe to each new post, we hope you will join us on this journey as we bring The ‘Stang to life and carry on the thought-sharing and storytelling tradition.

If you’re interested in contributing to The ‘Stang, please email me at lstutzman@cacmustangs.org.



Lexi Stutzman

Director of Communications

Lexi Stutzman is the Director of Communications at CAC. Prior to joining the CAC family, she worked in social media marketing. Lexi received her bachelor’s degree in advertising with a minor in missions from Harding University.

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