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After listening to a great sermon this past Sunday at PV, I thought about a book I read about eight years ago that really impacted me at the time, so I decided to re-read it this week. A lot has happened in my life since I last read Radical by David Platt (we have a few more kids, we’re very involved in the foster/adoptive community here in Arkansas, and I’ve moved from teaching to administration just to name a few). I find it fascinating to read the comments I noted then and the passages I highlighted because I thought they were important (or the ones I didn’t highlight). The things that were important to me then aren’t exactly the same as things today.

My life and my faith look much different today than eight years ago— and I’m so thankful for that! I’ve grown and experienced things that have shaped who I am today as a Christian, a husband, a father, and as an educator.

Re-reading Radical makes me want to re-read a few other books that were so influential to me years ago, books like The Hole in Our Gospel and Linchpin, I’m looking forward to re-reading those books to see my annotations and highlights and assess how I’ve grown since first reading them.

I also want to re-read some education books that got me fired up, because honestly, I haven’t read many of those lately— at least not like I used to. I remember devouring Ron Clark’s Essential 55 and Todd Whitaker’s What Great Teachers Do Differently and wanting to change the world after finishing them. I remember reading Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion and Dave Burgess’ Teach Like a Pirate and buying copies for colleagues so we could study them together. Those books lit a fire in me, and it’s time to rekindle the flame because my life and my perspective on education look much different today than when I first started teaching.

If it’s been a few years since you read an education book that lit a fire in you, let me encourage you go back and re-read one. Pay attention to your highlights and annotations. If it’s been a while since you last read it, there’s a good chance you’ve grown and changed quite a bit. Re-reading Radical has certainly shown me I have.

*By the way, there are 11 marbles remaining.

Jordan Collier

Jordan Collier

Secondary Principal

Jordan Collier is the secondary principal at CAC. Prior to joining the CAC family in 2011, Jordan was an English teacher for the Cabot School District. Jordan is a two-time graduate of Harding University (’03 and ’08) and has a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Each week, Jordan shares his Friday Thoughts with the CAC faculty and staff, and an excerpt of that is shared on The 'Stang.

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