Jordan Collier

Daring Students

Yesterday, I helped a student narrow down a research paper topic for her online Composition class. Students are to write about a current trend in society, and she wanted to focus on teens leading movements in our society. She’ll do an excellent job on her paper and I can’t wait to read it, but the discussion reminded me of what Shane Claiborne wrote in The Irresistible Revolution that Christian educators should think about every day.

All around you, people will be tiptoeing through life, just to arrive at death safely. But dear children, do not tiptoe. Run, hop, skip, or dance, just don’t tiptoe… God forgive us for all those we have lost because we made the gospel boring. I am convinced that if we lose kids to the culture of drugs and materialism, of violence and war, it’s because we don’t dare them, not because we don’t entertain them. It’s because we make the gospel too easy, not because we make it difficult. Kids want to do something heroic with their lives, which is why they play video games and join the army. But what are they to do with a church that teaches them to tiptoe through life so they can arrive safely at death?

What an opportunity we have everyday to model what it looks like to live out the Gospel every single day! I hope we all take advantage of that and encourage our kids to run, hop, skip, or dance through life and dare them to make a difference.

Jordan Collier

Jordan Collier

Secondary Principal

Jordan Collier is the secondary principal at CAC. Prior to joining the CAC family in 2011, Jordan was an English teacher for the Cabot School District. Jordan is a two-time graduate of Harding University (’03 and ’08) and has a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Each week, Jordan shares his Friday Thoughts with the CAC faculty and staff, and an excerpt of that is shared on The 'Stang.

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