Global Studies

Travel with CAC

There is incredible value in learning new things, experiencing new places and talking to new people. Each year, CAC secondary students are given the opportunity to do all three of those things through school-sponsored spring break trips. Each train ride, guided tour, authentic dinner, piece of art, historic monument and new experience offer unique moments of growth, educational opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime.

Both international and domestic travel opportunities have been affected by COVID-19. While the future of these trips are unknown at this time, we still value learning opportunities that take our students beyond Mustang Mountain and are seeking creative solutions to incorporate these experiences in an academically enriching and memorable way.

European Survey

“For me, learning different languages and how people live – I realized it’s not all about America and it’s not all about the way we live. There are so many different cultures all over the world.”

Brittany Martin, Class of 2017

Who: 11th & 12th grade
10-day trip across multiple European countries
Spring Break every other year

65 juniors and seniors trekked through multiple European countries for 10 days and got to experience a variety of different cultures, sights and world landmarks.

Senior Tala Tyner said she was “beyond blessed” to go on the trip, and that hanging out with her friends and seeing incredible places all at once was a dream come true.

“I just want to remember the whole thing, from hanging out with friends, to hanging out with Coach Sully for a few days, to traveling,” Tala said. “I will never forget the friendships and we had such a great time.”

For junior Reece Butler, this trip was his first experience out of the United States. He commented that most of the destinations were not like what he expected them to be, but that he was glad to have been blessed with such a unique experience.

“I felt like I needed to go experience more and go soak in the stuff that the tour guides were saying because there are people who would have really loved to do the things I did and see the things I saw.”

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“They took us to this tiny, local restaurant that I loved. We ate tapas which is a specialty of the city we were in. I liked learning about them, and I was so glad that EF took us there because I got to see what the locals ate. When I went out on my own, I would search for American food because it was familiar, and I wouldn’t have gone in that place if EF hadn’t taken us there.”

Maddie Beaulieu, Class of 2019

Who: 9th & 10th grade
10-day trip across Spain
Spring Break every two years

Fourteen freshmen and sophomores hopped on over (an expression we use lightly, as they endured a 9-hour flight) to Spain for the week, traveling to multiple cities and towns within the country.

They toured places like the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, the city of Granada and the city of Madrid. Most days were packed full of tours, lessons and sight-seeing, so they visited the beach one day to unwind and relax. The architecture fascinated sophomore Maddie Beaulieu, especially the elaborate cathedrals that seemed to be in every city.

“The cathedrals were my favorite,” Maddie said. “Being able to see all of the time and effort that was put into making them, you don’t see that very often here. The artwork was incredible.

I was overwhelmed because it was impressive… I had never seen anything like that before. You get used to a room and then you’d walk into the next one and then overwhelmed all over again because it was just so amazing.”

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Washington D.C.

“I learned how much history has actually happened. It’s different from reading four pages in a book about George Washington’s life. I got to actually see all the impact he had on the United States as a country.”

Alex Knod, Class of 2021

Who: 8th grade
4-day trip exploring our nation’s capital
Spring Break annually

Sixteen eighth graders traveled to Washington D.C. for four days and visited national monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and the White House.

Eighth grader Alex Knod said he enjoyed getting to experience all the museums had to offer with his friends.

“My favorite part was actually going to all of the museums, like the Smithsonian and National Air and Space Museum,” Alex said. “It was fun to see all of the giant models. There was this really cool simulator that a lot of us did. You were flying and controlling a plane.”

Eighth grader Faith Brown said her favorite part was visiting George Washington’s house. She enjoyed seeing the authentic pieces of furniture, the original architecture and the “old-timey trinkets.”

Each day was packed full of sight-seeing and the thing that seemed to stick out the students the most was the realness of it all.

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