Working Together

from February 16th, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

Today’s going to be a great opportunity to be together, to think about teaching, and to visit with each other and build each other up. I’m thankful all three campuses will be together because it helps us see the big picture of what we’re about. It’s fun watching kids grow up (see the girl’s basketball […]

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Getting Better at Getting Better

from February 9th, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

“High performance isn’t, ultimately, about running faster, throwing harder, or leaping farther. It’s about something much simpler: getting better at getting better.” -James Surowiecki The New Yorker November 10, 2014 Athletes are always looking for an edge— more time in the weight room, improved diets, obsessive film study, and even virtual reality— and the greatest athletes […]

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What’s Ahead

from February 2nd, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

“God knows our hearts and our desires, and if He called us to lead, then the best things He wants us to do are ahead of us, not behind us.” -Perry Noble author, The Most Excellent Way to Lead I came across this earlier in the week, and I knew that I would share it […]

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The Fabric of Our School

from January 26th, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

We had two big events on Mustang Mountain this week— the 5th Grade Great Adventure and our Middle School Open House last night. Both events are so much fun because we get the chance to show off our school and give people a glimpse into what we do on a daily basis. Each year when […]

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Accreditation Reminder

from January 19th, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

I’ll be spending a few days early next week at Mount St. Mary as a member of an ANSAA accreditation team. As I’ve prepared for the visit reading their self-study, evaluating their curriculum maps, and developing an objective understanding of their school operations, I’m reminded of our accreditation visit just 10 months ago. One of […]

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Making Good Shoes

from January 15th, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

Two big things happened with our seniors this week: 1. They ordered their caps and gowns. 2. Their Career Savings Account assignment was due. What’s the Career Savings Account assignment? Great question! For the assignment, students are tasked with contacting someone in a career they are interested in, asking for a book recommendation, and then following […]

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Making Mistakes

from December 15th, 2017 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

I know I got some things right this semester, and on some things, I know I was way, way off. My goal next semester is to get more things right and fewer things wrong. Isn’t that the definition of learning? Tim Sanders, Yahoo!’s former Chief Solutions Officer and author of Today We Are Rich, says that […]

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It’s Report Card Time (Again)

from December 8th, 2017 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

Last year at this time, I shared the post below, and several of you took me up on it and asked for feedback from your students— so I’m sharing it again! If you asked students to grade you last year, are you going to do it again? If you didn’t, what if you did this […]

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A Prayer for Teachers

from December 1st, 2017 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

Ever had that class? You know, the class whose personality didn’t quite mesh with yours. The class you have in the “tired part” of the day. The class where you find yourself getting flustered or frustrated. The class where you feel you just can’t connect. I know I’ve had my fair share of those classes over the […]

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10 Reasons I’m Proud of CAC

from November 17th, 2017 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it dawned on me that as educators, we’ve been trained to identify problems— which in reality, means we spend much of our time focusing on the negative in order to create a positive. Todd Whitaker points out, “Sometimes we get so involved in ‘fixing’ that we forget to revel in […]

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