Cone Auditorium: More Than a Room

from October 8th, 2019 Avatar by Rachel Brackins

Hi CAC friends — Rachel Brackins here. Since 2016 it’s been my job as the Communications Director to share a wide array of stories with you. In some articles we’ve looked back and soaked in the Mustang Mountain nostalgia, while in others we’ve celebrated the accomplishments of current students, teachers and alumni. This one is […]

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Chapel Talk: Q&A With Seahawks DT & CAC Dad

from January 30th, 2015 Avatar by Rachel Brackins

Students at PV Elementary (pictured above) swapped out their purple and gold for bright green and blue Friday morning to send a special message to their favorite Seahawk. In preparation for the U.S.’s favorite unofficial holiday, students at CAC’s secondary campus had the opportunity to Skype with one Seattle Seahawk who has a big connection […]

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History, Tradition and Storytelling — Breathing Life Into ‘The Stang

from August 1st, 2014 Avatar by Rachel Brackins

Since the days of old, storytelling has played a principal role in our culture. From the prehistoric era, where stick figures depicted colorful tales on cave walls, to the fireside exchanging of legends by early North American tribes — storytelling is a time-tested method of carrying on a culture’s heritage. Today, storytelling is not confined […]

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