Growth & Perspective

from March 8th, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

After listening to a great sermon this past Sunday at PV, I thought about a book I read about eight years ago that really impacted me at the time, so I decided to re-read it this week. A lot has happened in my life since I last read Radical by David Platt (we have a few more kids, […]

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Intentional Teacher-ing

from March 1st, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

This past Sunday, I attended the Intentional Parenting conference with Sissy Goff and David Thomas, and after reflecting on my notes, so much of the parenting ideas work for teachers as well. During the conference, we discussed four different areas of intentional parenting, and below are some of my key takeaways: Being a Connected Parent […]

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from February 22nd, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

I got beat in chess by a student… again… and I’m officially out of the chess tournament organized by Mr. Santos. There was nowhere to hide in the library when I heard “checkmate,” and the worst thing about it was I didn’t see the move coming. One minute I’m moving my bishop to set up […]

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Quantity Time

from February 15th, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

Dads spend an average of about twenty-six minutes per day one-on-one with their kids when the kids are younger than twelve, but that number drops to less than nine minutes per day during the teenage years. The average amount of time that a mom spends with her kids when they’re young is about thirty-one minutes […]

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Getting Better at Getting Better

from February 8th, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

High performance isn’t, ultimately, about running faster, throwing harder, or leaping farther. It’s about something much simpler: getting better at getting better.” -James Surowiecki The New Yorker November 10, 2014 Athletes are always looking for an edge— more time in the weight room, improved diets, obsessive film study, and even virtual reality— and the greatest athletes […]

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The Stage

from February 1st, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

On Wednesday, Coach Patrick Smith and his wife Cary shared their personal story at Pleasant Valley’s Wednesday night ReCharge. They shared about following God’s will through adoption and then learning to accept God’s will when they learned their youngest son was blind. They described the road they traveled, the new things they’ve learned along the […]

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When I Grow Up

from January 25th, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

A few days ago, my oldest son asked me, “Dad, did you always want to be a teacher and a principal?” Without hesitation, I said, “Yes!” “Even when you were my age?” “Definitely! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.” He asked me why and I gave him a few reasons: I get to work […]

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Hearing Parent Perspectives

from January 18th, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

At our Secondary Campus Open House last night, we had four parents speak and offer their perspectives of CAC— and it was a powerful reminder for me about our school and what our role is. All four parents who shared came back to one idea: relationships. They all valued the way we focus on building relationships with […]

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The Power of Pre-decisions

from January 11th, 2019 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

This past Sunday, Dr. Mark Batterson shared a great message with his congregation at the National Community Church in Washington, D.C., about the importance of making pre-decisions. In his message, Dr. Batterson explained the phenomenon of “decision fatigue” and the impact it has on each of us daily. Because decision making is a mental exercise, it’s easy […]

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Making New Mistakes

from December 21st, 2018 Jordan Collier by Jordan Collier

I know I got some things right this semester, and on some things, I know I was way, way off (see: communication of yesterday’s MS testing schedule and checkout procedures for a quick example). My goal next semester is to get more things right and fewer things wrong. Isn’t that the definition of learning? Tim […]

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