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Changes in NLR Elementary Campus Administration

At the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year, after 25 years of service at CAC’s North Little Rock and Sylvan Hills campuses, elementary principal Mrs. Judy Posey will say farewell to her cozy office and begin her well-deserved retirement. Mr. Jordan Collier, former Secondary campus principal and current CAC Pleasant Valley 5th grade teacher, will step into the role of North Little Rock Elementary campus principal.

In August of 1995, Mrs. Posey was tapped by elementary principal Mrs. Dean Wingfield to serve as the administrative assistant for the Sylvan Hills campus. In 2007 she accepted the role of assistant principal and in 2008 began her 13-year journey as principal. From her first day on the job to her very last, Mrs. Posey has kept the school’s mission at the forefront of her heart.

“I have tried to make it my mission to continue the legacy that Mr. Doug Freeman began in 1971,” Mrs. Posey said. “It was his dream to have a school in which Biblical principles would be woven into every subject. What a blessing it is to be able to teach math, science, reading and music from God’s perspective.”

The few years that students spend in elementary school are foundational in every sense of the word. While children are growing physically, they are also learning to mature academically, emotionally and spiritually. Watching students grow in their personal faith has become a treasured part of her daily life, Mrs. Posey said. Daily chapel creates an atmosphere of praise and “starting each day listening to our students singing praises to God will always be one of my favorite memories!”  

Mrs. Posey is known for building relationships with each student in order to lead and encourage them as they navigate new, formative experiences. Each accomplishment is celebrated – big and small. Kindness is rewarded and mistakes are presented as opportunities for change. Her emphasis on relationships doesn’t end with the students on campus. Her heart travels to every family and parent. The strong relationship with parents is the foundation for everything that CAC does, and it has been a privilege to work hand-in-hand with them, according to Mrs. Posey.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever had a conversation with Mrs. Posey where she didn’t bring up different families at her school,” Mr. Collier said. “She has invested so deeply in those families and in those kids. I’ve got huge shoes to fill. We talked recently about all of the events, programs and all the things that happen within the school year that help build the school culture. She does a phenomenal job of honoring kids. I really want to build on what she has started and I really look forward to following her lead.”

Leading a school is far from a one-person job. Mrs. Posey often speaks at length when it comes to praising the teachers and assistants who work at the NLR campus. Those important relationships and growth moments wouldn’t be possible without a world-class faculty and staff.

“Our school is extremely blessed by the most hard-working, dedicated faculty and staff who teach, love, mentor and serve our students and their families every day,” Mrs. Posey said. “I have been blessed to work with so many outstanding Christian educators. It is a joy to work with individuals that you can share not only a love for learning, but also a love for God. I have always appreciated them for going above and beyond.”

Mr. Collier echoed her sentiments and shared that he is looking forward to forming those relationships and offering encouragement.

“Judy has done an incredible job building relationships with her teachers and being a spiritual mentor – she’s a spiritual giant,” Mr. Collier said. “I enjoy being around teachers, getting to know them and see the awesome things they’re doing in class. There’s an excitement about being in a school building that I really miss.”

Thirteen years has brought many changes – from working with the PFTA to purchase the new playground and turf, to adding Chromebook carts and iPads, to renovating and moving campuses. Helping to open the NLR campus will remain a highlight for Mrs. Posey. She said her prayer has always been for CAC’s facilities to be used as a place to glorify God.

As she looks to the future of CAC’s NLR campus, Mrs. Posey is confident Mr. Collier will lead the school with wisdom.  

“I am very excited to see what God has planned for CAC under the guidance of Mr. Jordan Collier,” Mrs. Posey said. “He is a very dynamic young man and I know that he will do an outstanding job as the new elementary principal!” 

As he begins his 10th year at CAC, Jordan Collier is looking forward to the new blessings and challenges of leading an elementary school. After working at the Secondary campus for eight years, he spent 2019-2020 teaching 5th grade at the Pleasant Valley campus.

“Teaching 5th grade this year was the best decision I could have ever made,” Mr. Collier said. “I thought I knew how elementary life worked before, but now I really know. I got to feel what teachers felt and experience it all from their perspective. I really got to see how elementary schools work. I was also able to work closely with Jamie and Judy. I want North Little Rock to be able to meet the emotional, academic and spiritual needs of our kids. As principal, my job will be to help lead that. Being in an elementary school for a year helped me appreciate that more than I could have just being an educator and a parent.”

CAC has been immeasurably blessed by Mrs. Posey’s kind heart, forgiving spirit and intentional encouragement. She has helped bring light to countless students, alumni, parents, faculty and community members. Please join us in thanking her for her service. “It has been a true joy and blessing to be a part of CAC, and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have served here,” Mrs. Posey said. “I will cherish all the memories in my heart forever. I will miss those early morning greetings as students entered the building each day. I will miss the sweet smiles and hugs. I will miss hearing the daily stories about their birthday parties, losing a tooth and all the fun things that they had learned in class. I will continue to love and support the school in every way that I can. My retirement plan will definitely include returning for drama productions, football games, Christmas programs, and other school events!”