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Secondary Campus: Supply Pick Up

March 20, 2020 – 3:00 p.m.

Secondary Campus Parents and Guardians,

As was previously communicated by Dr. Lambert, CAC will remain closed until April 17. In order to effectively implement the Extended Remote Learning Strategy on Monday, March 30, students will need to gather materials from campus. We understand this is short notice but, due to the unpredictable nature of current events, we have decided it is best to schedule Supply Pick-Up for tomorrow, Saturday, March 21

All Secondary Campus students should come to campus tomorrow (Saturday, March 21) to gather school materials and clean out their lockers. In order to maintain social distancing procedures, students have been assigned Supply Pick Up time slots.


Important: Only students will be allowed to enter campus. If the student is unavailable, one member of their family may gather materials instead. Administration will be onsite for assistance.

Supply Pick Up Instructions:

  1. Students should arrive on campus at least 5 minutes before assigned time slot.
  2. Students should go to their designated entrance at their assigned time and check-in with an administrator.
  3. Students will receive gloves and hand sanitizer and then enter the building.
  4. Students will have 8 minutes to gather all supplies and leave out of the same door.
  5. Students should then leave campus.


  • Our campus (building, individual lockers, hallways, etc) has been completely sanitized and closed for the appropriate length of time. We are implementing several precautionary measures (hand sanitizer, gloves) to ensure the continued health and safety of all CAC families.  
  • We are asking students to fully clean out their lockers. Please bring a box or bag to help carry all materials.
  • Again, please arrive 5 minutes before your assigned time slot to help us stay on schedule.

Specific Class Instructions:

BandAll band students (6th-12th grade) need to retrieve instruments from the atrium.
ArtAll art students (7th-12th grade) need to pick up supplies from the art room.
GuitarAll guitar students need to retrieve instruments from the atrium (if applicable).
6th Grade Students: All 6th grade students need to retrieve their Math and Science workbooks from outside Ms. Allison’s room.

Time Slot Information:

The time slots are in alphabetical order by last name and are delineated by entry (science wing or atrium). Please click below, find your last name and plan to be on campus 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

Supply Pick Up Time Slots

What if I am unavailable during my assigned time slot?

Please email Coach Hall ( with your name and locker number. We will work out another time for the supplies to be retrieved.