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CAC COVID-19 Information Hub Private School Leader Joint Statement (3.15.20) Private School Leader Joint Statement (3.18.20)

March 29, 2020 – 3:35 p.m.
Extended Remote Learning Strategy: Priorities & Goals

As we approach the implementation of our Extended Remote Learning Strategy, we want to communicate our priorities and goals as clearly as possible. The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted every aspect of our lives. While important, school requirements need to be balanced with the other demands being placed on our families.

As a school, our goal is:

  1. To provide age-appropriate resources and experiences to help our students to continue progressing toward our goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level and for each subject;
  2. To prioritize teaching and learning over testing and grades;
  3. To promote age-appropriate independence in the learning process. It is not the parents’ responsibility to be the teacher. Parents should continue to support and encourage their child;
  4. To provide  age-appropriate deadlines and expectations to motivate and provide accountability while remaining sensitive to the challenges of a new teaching and learning experience for teachers, students, and parents;
  5. To provide flexibility for families with younger students by providing on-demand learning activities and resources along with opportunities for interactive learning;
  6. To provide opportunities for regular feedback along with timely responses to student questions from teachers;
  7. To support and encourage, to learn from our mistakes, and to adapt and find solutions;
  8. To show the love of Christ in all that we do by treating others the way that we want to be treated.

As a school, our priority is to support our families in every way possible and glorify God in all we do. We are partnering with you through unknown territory. Support and encourage your children, but please do not stress about your child’s education. We will learn together and grow together. Let us know how we can better serve you.

In Him,
Carter Lambert, President
Jamie Custer, Pleasant Valley Principal
Judy Posey, North Little Rock Principal
Andrew Stewart, Secondary Principal 

March 19, 2020 – 3:00 p.m.
Extended School Closure – April 17

Extended School Closure

As you may be aware, Governor Hutchinson announced today during his COVID-19 News Conference that, “All K-12 schools will remain closed for on-site instruction for an additional three weeks until April 17. That will then be re-evaluated based on public health conditions at the time.” Consequently, all CAC campuses will remain closed until April 17.

As was stated in the most recent update, the CAC leadership team has initiated Phase I of our Extended Remote Learning Strategy. CAC is prepared to provide online instruction for all Preschool – 12th grade students beginning Monday, March 30.

At this time, parents and students do not need to be concerned about their Extended Remote Learning responsibilities. Detailed instructions will be provided next week regarding the Extended Remote Learning Strategy and material retrieval.

COVID-19 Update

To the best of our knowledge, no one associated with CAC has displayed coronavirus symptoms or tested positive for the virus.

March 18, 2020 – 6:10 p.m.
Events & Activities Update

Current School Closure Information

Classes are scheduled to resume Monday, March 30. Circumstances related to the coronavirus continue to change rapidly. Families should be prepared for the possibility of school closure recommendations to extend beyond the current March 27 date. We will continue to update you with the latest information as it becomes available.

Planning for School Closure

While it is difficult to predict future closures as this situation evolves, in order to be prepared for any eventuality, this afternoon our leadership team initiated Phase I of our Extended Remote Learning Strategy. Campus principals have begun a robust preparation process that will allow us to immediately transition to a remote learning environment for Preschool – 12th grade students if necessary following Spring Break (Monday, March 30).       

Parents and students do not need to be concerned about their extended remote learning responsibilities. Detailed instructions will be provided next week if the current school closure is extended. Instructions will include safe and efficient retrieval procedures for textbooks, instruments, and other items.

Activity Considerations

Status of activities through April 30:

Shrek the MusicalMarch 14 - 16Postponed
An Evening at CACApril 2Postponed
ACTApril 4Cancelled
Space CampApril 6 - 8Rescheduled (Oct. 5 - 7)
JR/SR BanquetApril 17Rescheduled (tentative date: May 9)
Mustang Carnival (PV)April 24Postponed
Lights Up! TourApril 25 - 27Postponed
Standardized TestingAprilPostponed
Mustang Summer Camp Registration Postponed

Activities governed by the Arkansas Activities Association are currently suspended until March 30. They have also implemented a Dead Period, during which time “coaches (licensed teacher coaches and registered volunteers) shall be prohibited from engaging in any type of activity involving student-athletes whether it be practice, training, weight lifting, tryouts, competition, or travel.” We will follow any directives issued by the AAA and will keep you fully informed of any changes. Click Here to view the AAA Twitter page.

COVID-19 Update

To the best of our knowledge, no one associated with CAC has displayed coronavirus symptoms or tested positive for the virus.

March 15, 2020 – 5:15 p.m.
Sunday Update

As a Community of Christ, we are thankful for the hope and peace available to us through Christ in uncertain times. I personally have been blessed by the spirit of cooperation, understanding, love, and faith that has been evident throughout the CAC community over the past several days. Thank you. Additionally, the losses experienced by the Harrington and Farmer families over the past week have helped me to keep the challenges and inconveniences experienced due to the coronavirus in perspective.    

COVID-19 Update 

At the time of this update, to the best of our knowledge, no one associated with CAC has reported coronavirus symptoms or tested positive. The CAC parent who had contact with an individual with the coronavirus has been released from self-quarantine by the Health Department and continues to remain symptom free.  

School Closure Information 

We know school closure is disruptive for all of our families. We also recognize that closures can have a disparate impact on families due to a variety of factors (student ages, work situations, financial impact). As I indicated in my last update, we are actively identifying potential issues and solutions related to the current closure and possible future closures. I will share our findings and recommendations as soon as possible. 

We want to take appropriate action while avoiding overreacting or underreacting. We remain optimistic that schools will reopen on Monday, March 30th as a result of the steps that have been taken to limit the exposure and spread of the virus. The success of these preliminary steps is dependent upon many factors, many that are outside our control; however, consistently following the recommendations of public health authorities and medical professionals can significantly impact the spread of the virus.

Students should not view school closure as a vacation and an opportunity for increased social activities with their friends. Unchanged social interactions can increase the probability of future closures. We are trying to assemble information to help parents promote healthy choices by our students and will be sharing them with you over the next few days.  

Remote Learning instructions for the upcoming academic week (March 16 – March 20) were shared via email with parents and guardians last Friday, March 13. Secondary Campus parents and student can Click Here to view the Secondary Campus Remote Learning Strategy. Elementary Campus parents should expect an email tomorrow morning with Remote Learning Packets for their students. If you have any questions, please contact your campus principal.

CAC, like other schools, needs to be prepared for the possibility of members of our school community (parents, students, and staff) to contract the coronavirus. Given the nature of the transmission of the virus, it is reasonable to expect some community spread of the virus in the future, if it hasn’t already happened, that will touch someone we know. It has been emphasized that the impact on most of the population will be relatively minor; however, we need to do our best to protect older adults and people with underlying chronic medical conditions.

Carter Lambert, Ph.D.

March 13, 2020 – 6:30 p.m.
Remote Learning Strategy Update

Current School Closure Information 

CAC is following the recommendation from the Governor’s Office for schools in Pulaski County to close through the end of Spring Break, Friday, March 27. Classes are scheduled to resume Monday, March 30. Circumstances related to the Coronavirus have been changing rapidly. The school and families should be prepared for the possibility of school closure recommendations extending beyond the current March 27 date. We will continue to update you with the latest information as it becomes available. 

Families should have received detailed instructions regarding CAC’s short-term Remote Learning Strategies for the current school closure. Any questions should be directed to campus principals. 

Planning for Future School Closure 

While it is difficult to predict future closures as this situation evolves, our faculty and staff are prepared to utilize CAC’s long-term Remote Learning Strategy. Upper Elementary (4th-5th), Middle School and High School classes will use the same Google Classroom procedures they use on a regular basis at school. Lower Elementary (K-3rd) teachers will utilize off-site learning instruction as well.  

School closures have a significant impact on our families. We are committed to working with you to address issues as they arise. Our leadership team and Board of Directors have begun the process of identifying potential issues and solutions should the current school closure be extended.  

School Access During School Closures 

All campuses will be closed to students and non-essential school personnel until Monday, March 30th. Families will be able to pick-up textbooks, instruments, and other items if the current school closure is extended. Detailed instructions will be provided if necessary.

COVID-19 Update 

The CAC parent who had contact with an individual with Coronavirus has completed the 14-day self-quarantine required by the Health Department symptom-free. I appreciate the parent communicating with the school in a transparent manner. This enabled the school to limit the potential exposure to our students that would have otherwise been impossible.  

Carter Lambert, Ph.D.

March 12, 2020 – 8:45 p.m.
2 Week School Closure

Current School Closure Information
Consistent with public and private schools in the greater Little Rock area and Governor Hutchinson’s recommendation, all campuses of CAC will remain closed through Friday, March 27. Information regarding the school’s plan to deliver instruction while students are at home will be distributed to parents by campus principals later tonight (Thursday, March 12) or tomorrow morning (Friday, March 13)

Activity and School Event Update
All school activities and school events are postponed or canceled through Sunday, March 29. Campus principals will communicate with parents regarding specific events. Events and activities are being reviewed on a case by case basis. 

COVID-19 Update 
At this time, to the best of our knowledge, no one associated with CAC has displayed coronavirus symptoms or tested positive. This includes the parent of an 8th grade student who we informed you yesterday interacted with an individual on a business trip who later tested positive for COVID-19. We received an update from the parent this afternoon. 

The encouraging news is the parent remains symptom-free; however, today he was informed that an individual with whom he traveled has tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, the CAC parent had a brief interaction with the infected individual on Monday, March 9. Because of the nature of the interaction, the Health Department indicated that if he remained symptom-free through tomorrow (Friday, March 13), the end of the initial incubation period, he and his family will no longer need to self-quarantine. 

As a result of the additional information we have received, we have consulted with health officials to address our concerns related to this specific situation. Based on current assessments regarding the virus and transmission of the virus, we have been advised that the probability of the CAC parent and his family members contracting the virus remain extremely low. The parent has requested to be tested by the Health Department in order to conclusively determine if he has contracted the virus; however, he was informed that he does not meet the current testing criteria. Other testing options are not available at this time. 

Consequently, school closure is our most effective tool to limit exposure and spread of the virus within our school family and the greater community; however, until the school is able to definitively determine that the virus was not transmitted to our students and faculty through the child of the above referenced CAC parent, families should carefully follow the recommendations of health officials to stop the spread of disease. Special attention should be given to social distancing and avoiding interaction with older adults and people who have underlying chronic medical conditions.  Since secondary students attend multiple classrooms and interact extensively across all grade levels and in multiple common areas, precautions should be the same for all students, not just 8th grade students and their families.

Important Travel Considerations
As I indicated in our first COVID-19 update, travel to high-risk areas during Spring Break may require that students self-quarantine for a period of 14 days upon return home. Areas designated as high-risk areas continue to expand and may include domestic locations due to the spread of the virus in those areas. Local and federal authorities may impose containment measures including travel restrictions and quarantine requirements to prevent spread of the virus. Such measures may be imposed at short notice and specific details may change rapidly.

Exposure or potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus by our students or their family members can significantly impact the operation of the school and the day-to-day functions of our families. We are respectfully requesting that our students and families refrain from non-essential travel during this school closure period. If this is not an option for you and your family, we ask that you inform us of your travel and that you be prepared for your child not to return to school for a period of 14 days after the end of your travel if the school and health authorities determine that is in the best interest of our school family and our community.

I will continue to communicate with you as quickly and as transparently as possible as we continue to deal with the current situation.

Carter Lambert, Ph.D.

March 11, 2020 – 10:00 p.m.
School Closure

This evening, I was contacted by a parent of a Secondary Campus student who was notified this afternoon that an individual with whom he interacted on a business trip has tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The parent did not have physical contact with the individual but was briefly present in a classroom area with them. This interaction occurred twelve (12) and a half days ago and the parent has not become ill. 

The State Health Department advised the parent and his family to self-quarantine for the remainder of the fourteen (14) day incubation period from the date of last exposure. If at that time they have not developed symptoms or illness they will no longer be considered a risk for spreading the virus. 

Though the probability that the CAC parent will become ill in the next day and a half is extremely low, it is possible (though extremely unlikely) that his child has been exposed to the virus. As a result, because your children and our staff’s well-being are paramount, all CAC campuses will be closed Thursday and Friday to minimize the possibility of potential exposure and/or spread of the virus. I want to emphasize that no one associated with CAC has displayed coronavirus symptoms or tested positive for the virus. We are following the advice of health professionals to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 transmission. 

No schoolwork will be required for Thursday and Friday due to the nature and timing of the situation.  

We believe that we will be able to safely resume normal operations late Friday afternoon contingent on verification that the CAC parent completes the incubation period without developing symptoms. We plan for classes to resume on Monday morning. Extra-curricular activities will also be suspended. However, extra-curricular activities may resume late Friday afternoon (e.g. athletics, theatre rehearsals and performances). You will be notified of the status of all activities on Friday afternoon.

I will continue to provide information as the situation progresses. I apologize for the timing of this update, but we are communicating with you as quickly and transparently as possible. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Carter Lambert, Ph.D.

March 11, 2020 – 4:00 p.m.

Today, the first reported case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Arkansas was announced. As of this writing, the school has not received any instructions from the Department of Health, but we are monitoring the situation and will keep you fully informed regarding any future directives or instructions. We are taking precautionary steps to prepare should the situation change.

Travel and Activity Considerations

Our leadership team has recommended we cancel or postpone any optional school trips or non-essential activities planned for this spring. This includes faculty and staff worked-related travel. Each campus principal will communicate directly with their faculty and families regarding trips or activities impacted at their campus. Our goal is to reschedule major trips and activities for a later time (e.g. Space Camp, 5th grade graduation pictures at the State Capitol). We will handle trips and activities on a case-by-case basis. Any applicable prepayments for trips or activities will be credited to family accounts as soon as possible.

Activities governed by the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) will continue as planned. We will follow any directives issued by the AAA and will keep you fully informed of any changes.

If your family is planning Spring Break travel, please be mindful of the travel guidelines issued by the CDC and the Arkansas Department of Health (Click Here to View Guidelines). Though the current risk is low, students who travel internationally or by ship may be required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days upon return. Please contact your principal if you are planning to travel to a high-risk area or have been in contact with anyone who has traveled to high-risk areas.

Planning for Possible School Closure

It is our hope that CAC will continue to operate as normal without any school closures. However, some school systems around the country have closed temporarily. Our plan is to be prepared should a closure occur.

Our teachers will be preparing content/activities in order to deliver instruction should we be required to close. We are currently finalizing the most effective instruction delivery method that is consistent with the requirements of our accrediting association (ANSAA). We will communicate plans with you when completed. If a closure occurs, our goal will be to minimize the extension of the school year beyond the current schedule without negatively impacting our instructional goals and standards; however, families need to be prepared for additional school days in order to meet state requirements. Currently, the school can only replace a maximum of ten (10) school days with alternative instruction.

Prevention on Campus

In conjunction with additional hygiene instruction at all campuses (for example), we have installed extra hand sanitizing stations throughout our buildings to supplement the stations currently in each of our classrooms. We have also been in contact with our cleaning service to explore additional sanitizing measures to ensure we are as germ-free as possible.

We will continue to partner with you as we work through the challenges of the COVID-19 situation and will update you as we receive additional information. Please contact your principal or me if you have questions, and please pray for those affected by the outbreak and for wisdom for our leaders and health professionals.

Carter Lambert, Ph.D.