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Dr. Kara Powell — Author, Speaker & Executive Director of Fuller Youth Institute — to Present at Evening at CAC

“As a parent and as a leader so many times I feel like I’m guessing. I’m doing my best, but I’m just hoping.

My vocational calling is to take the amazing research that Fuller (Youth Institute) and others are doing, whether that’s theological research or more empirical social science behavioral research, and turn it into practical tools. So that parents, grandparents, leaders – anyone who cares about young people – don’t have to guess so much. We can have better answers.”

– Dr. Kara Powell

At the end of every January, it seems as if the days and months of the school calendar take only minutes and hours to pass by. Spring is a particularly busy season at CAC – students ache to stretch their winter legs and schedules fill up with tournaments, end-of-year projects, recitals, trips and preparations for summer. 

While these activities are positive and beneficial experiences, the sheer volume may cause stress and, consequently, push other important things to the backburner. We understand that intentional parenting and leadership is challenging no matter the time of year or number of extracurricular commitments.

That’s why CAC is excited to host Dr. Kara Powell for an Evening at CAC. Dr. Powell “believe(s) faith-filled teenagers and young adults can change our world — but only if leaders and parents get the best answers to their toughest questions about young people’s life and faith.” She has spent over a decade researching and compiling practical tools to help parents and leaders build confidence as they share God’s love and mission with the next generation.

As co-author of multiple StickyFaith books and curriculums, Growing YoungCan I Ask That? 8 Hard Questions about God and Faith and many other works, Dr. Powell has presented countless lessons and seminars to equip adult leaders with understanding and action steps. 

We look forward to taking a break from the craziness of the spring semester on Thursday, April 2 to fellowship with our CAC family and be encouraged together! 

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