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Important FACTS Information

Parents and Guardians,

School has been in session for a full month, if you can believe it! Among other things, we are pleased with how using the FACTS online payment system has helped parents and teachers alike to streamline the way we take care of fees. Remember when you sent a $10 bill to school with your student to pay for class dues and crossed your fingers that it actually made it where it needed to go? While we admire your bravery, we don’t miss those days! With FACTS, all those fees are taken care of quickly and easily through your school account. As we move forward, there are a few things we want to clarify so it can continue to be as beneficial as possible.

Incidental Expenses (class dues, field trips, tshirts, ect)

Have you signed up for Incidental Autopay?
Yes, I have. Great! Your account will be drafted for any incidentals throughout the year. You will always receive an email notifying you of the amount, the reason for the charge, and the date it will be drafted.

No, I haven’t. That’s ok! It isn’t mandatory, but definitely helpful. Currently, your incidentals are listed in your ParentsWeb account (Financial Home tab > Payment Plan and Billing tab > View All Details). You must log in to your account and manually pay each charge, as they will not automatically be drafted. You will always receive an invoice via email notifying you of the fees. 

I’m not sure. Here’s how you can check:

  • Visit your ParentsWeb account
  • Select Financial Home (for desktop) or FACTS Home (for mobile app)
  • Incidental Expenses will be on the lefthand side of the screen
  • Select the Action dropdown menu 

Prepay Option

Currently, there is a Prepay Option listed in the financial section of FACTS. We are testing the system and plan to implement it beginning next semester. Please do not add any money to your student’s prepay account just yet – we want to make sure all the details are worked out first!
We hope this information helps as we move forward and continue to take advantage of all the great benefits FACTS offers! If you have any questions, email Terri Dodd in the Business Office at