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Mustang Monitor – 4.29.2019

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Individual JH Track & Field Results

Boys – Total Points: 335
100m: Tyler Williams (1st) & Jacob Kirchner (4th)
200m: Chase Nichols (1st) & Tyler Williams (2nd)
400m: Caden Cash (2nd) & Jacob Kirchner (3rd)
800m: Patrick Alderson (4th) & JT Spears (5th) & Andy Landes (7th)
1600m: Caden Cash (3rd) & JT Spears (4th) & Andy Landes (8th)
110 H: Caden Cash (5th) & Zach Moore (6th) & Seth Hardin (7th)
300H: Zach Moore (2nd) & Jonathan Allen (3rd) & Seth Hardin (4th)
4×100: Tyler Williams/Jacob Kirchner/Chase Nichols/Zac Moore (2nd)
4×400: Jonathan Allen/Caden Cash/JT Spears/Zach Moore
4×800: JT Spears/Andy Landes/Jonathan Allen/Patrick Alderson (1st)
High Jump: Tyler Williams (2nd) & Chase Nichols (4th)
Long Jump: Tyler Williams (2nd) & Jacob Kirchner (3rd) & Hayes Miller (6th) & Caden Cash (8th)
Triple Jump: Jacob Kirchner (1st) & Chase Nichols (2nd) & Hayes Miller (3rd) Zach Moore (4th)
Shot Put: Andrew Milam (3rd) & Ayden Fitts (4th) & Parker Noyes (5th)
Discus: Olisa Adigwe (2nd) & Ayden Fitts (6th) & Andrew Milam (7th)

Girls – Total Points: 291
100m: Madelynn Morrow (2nd) & Avery Lillard (8th)
200m: Madelynn Morrow (2nd) & Carly Morrow (4th) & Hannah Burton (7th)
400m: Madelynn Morrow (1st) & Hannah Burton (2nd)
800m: Kristina Games (4th) & Stella Smith (5th)
1600m: Carly Morrow (1st) & Kristina Games (3rd) & Rachel Rossi (5th) & Shannon McAuley (8th)
100H: Carly Morrow (1st) & Carleigh Petlack (3rd) & Krystal Smith (4th) & Macy Wall (5th)
300H: Carly Morrow (1st) & Carleigh Petlack (3rd) & Krystal Smith (4th) & Macy Wall (5th)
4×100: Hannah Burton/Avery Lillard/Kristina Games/Carleigh Petlack (2nd)
4×400: Hannah Burton/Kristina Games/Madelynn Morrow/Carleigh Petlack (1st)
4×800: Kristina Games/Jaydyn Smith/Stella Smith/Shannon McAuley (2nd)
High Jump: Hannah Burton (1st) & Krystal Smith (3rd)
Long Jump: Carly Morrow (3rd) & Carleigh Petlack (4th) & Krystal Smith (6th)
Triple Jump:Madelynn Morrow(1st)&Avery Lillard(3rd) & Jaydyn Smith(4th)&Rebecca Rossi (5th)
Discus: Payton Gaston (1st) & Dru Cash (2nd) & Sadie Williams (4th) & Brooklynn White (5th)
Shot Put: Payton Gaston (1st) & Brooklynn White (2nd) & Sadie Williams (3rd) & Dru Cash (4th)

Individual Varsity State Track & Field Qualifiers
Krishaun Watson – Long Jump, 100m, 200m
Sam Games – Triple Jump, 100m, 200m
Aiden Grimes – 400m
Grant Wilson – 800m
Andrew Haughaboo – 1600m, 3200m
Tessa Spears – 800m
Free Athletic Physicals
Mark your calendars for May 7 at 6:00 p.m. Free athletic physicals will be provided at the Secondary Campus. More information to come!