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2018 Coupon Book Fundraiser Kick Off

We’re excited to announce this year’s coupon book fundraiser!

Each year, we give secondary students the opportunity to sell coupon books and put money directly into their Family Fundraising Accounts. This is voluntary – but has the potential to fully pay for things like Space Camp, tickets to the Junior/Senior Banquet, graduation fees and more!
And while the students might not really understand how big of a deal this is, we know parents appreciate the opportunity to lower costs, and therefore give children the ability to participate in more activities.

All students will be given the opportunity to pick up coupon books and order forms as they leave the building the week of Tuesday, November 13. (Again, if they aren’t interested, they don’t have to participate!) We’ll explain the process in chapel to answer any questions your students may have.

We’ll record how many books each student took, and they’ll be responsible for turning in the money earned to Mrs. Gates in the front office or returning the books they weren’t able to sell by Friday, December 5.


What is a Family Fundraising Account?

  • Each family with a student in grades 6-12 has a Family Fundraising Account. Just one per family, even if there are multiple students in a family.
  • These school-managed accounts keep track of the money your student(s) raise by selling coupon books every year.
  • 75 percent of the net profit from your student’s coupon book sales will go directly to your Family Fundraising Account.
  • The money is shared within each family and can be used however the family chooses. It continues to roll over until the last sibling graduates.
  • The money in the Family Fundraising Accounts can be used to help pay for the more costly elective activities such as: Space Camp, Junior/Senior, spring break trips, summer athletics camp, graduation fees, ect.  

What do these coupon books look like?

The books are published by SaveAround, a reputable company that produces coupons for companies across the country. Each book will be sold for $25 and offers savings from both local establishments and nationally-recognized chains (Domino’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, H&M – just to name a few).

Trust us, this book pays for itself. Keep one in your car, your purse, or in the basket of your bicycle! Sell them to your family, friends and local businesses. If you need to buy a useful Christmas gift for your boss or coworkers – this is the perfect solution.

We believe these books will benefit not only our school community but those who buy them as well.


Can I see the inside of the book?

Of course! Click Here to view the full book online and see the savings for yourself!


Are there any other incentives I need to know about?


  • For every 5 books your student sells, they’ll get one book for free! That means they’ll be able to sell that book and receive 100% of the profit. (Remember, for the regular books, they’ll get to keep 75% of the net profit.)
  • SaveAround is also offering to give students some CAC merch based on the number of books they sell! For three books, they’ll get a free CAC tshirt. For five books, they get to pick between a free tshirt or long sleeve tshirt. For 10 books, they can have their pick of the three options!