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Board of Directors Look to the Future

Each year, CAC’s Board of Directors convenes at the Secondary campus for the annual Board Retreat. They use this time to fellowship, review the past year and cast a vision for the future of the school. At this year’s retreat, the members and leadership were encouraged as they renewed their commitment to help CAC maintain the highest academic and spiritual standards.

“We always say we want to provide a uniquely Christian environment for our students, and I think Dr. Lambert and the Board have made that a renewed focus in the past couple of years,” Chairman of the Board Wesley Walls said. “Our Board retreat discussion this year spoke a lot to that mission and that goal, and part of that refocus is being more effective communicators with our faculty and staff. As a Board, we pray specifically for each of our teachers and staff members and partner with the Development Council to communicate in more meaningful ways.”

In recent years CAC has seen positive and improving test scores, athletic successes, student involvement in local and foreign missions through Mustang Missions and expanded travel opportunities. Walls attributes these to the partnership between the school, its’ leadership and the parents.

“If you look at our Mission Statement, the first thing we mention is that this is a partnership with parents,” Walls said. “That’s true. As a Board, as a school, as teachers and faculty and staff, it’s our job to inspire excellence and independence in our kids that will lead to a transforming faith in God, but we can’t do that without our parents. We wouldn’t succeed without them coming alongside us.”

The Board is made up of 12 members of varying backgrounds, careers and families, who all work towards the same goal. CAC would like to thank Eddie Shields and Derek Moore for their many years of service and dedication to the Board of Directors.

“Being a Board member is no small task when it comes to commitment,” Walls said. “I speak for the whole Board when I say ‘thank you’ to Derek and Eddie for the investment they made in the education of our young men and women at CAC. Like so many Board members who have come before, they made a positive impact on the board, and by extension, the school itself.”

We are excited to welcome two new Board members, Brandi Stafford and Stan Chapman, to the team.