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Q&A with New Board Member Brandi Stafford

Tell us a little about you, your family and what brought you to Little Rock.
I grew up in Northwest Arkansas around Fayetteville, then moved to the Mountain View area when I was in the 7th grade.

I went to Arkansas State and got my undergrad degree in journalism with an emphasis in PR and a minor in Graphic Design and Photography. While I was in my last semester I met my husband, Lane, and decided to go back six months later to get my master’s in Mass Communication.

There was a position in corporate communications at Alltel in Little Rock, which brought me here. I have now been working at Windstream as the Senior Consultant of Corporate Communications for four years.

My husband and I have two children, Jackson and Jordan. Jackson is six and is in the first grade at PV with Mrs. Nelms, and Jordan is three and is at the PV day school.


What brought you to CAC?
When Lane and I started dating his brothers were in school at CAC. We would come to CAC events all of the time because they played every sport known to man. That was my first exposure, but we’ve been going to Central church of Christ for years, so we’ve had various different connections over time.


What do you love most about CAC?
I think there are lots of little things. I do like the family and community feel and I think it’s really important. Jackson, my son, knows everyone at the PV campus by name. He’ll mention that they play with him and watch out for him. The small class size I like, and the teacher to student ratio is good, but it’s even more so that the kids take it on themselves to watch out for the little kids. I really appreciate that.

And for the day school, when the children turn two they get to go to chapel. Jordan has learned so much, and she talks about knowing Mrs. Cruce personally and how they all sing together. Technically those schools are separate, but there’s a bond there that I really appreciate.


What are your expectations as you transition from parent to Board member?
First of all, I’m very humbled and honored that the board saw me fit to join them. I’m excited about the opportunity to serve the CAC community because being a servant is my love language – doing things for others whether they know it’s been done or not – I really dig that.

Wherever I’m needed I’ll plug in and help. I don’t have any specific expectations or agenda, but I want to see the school keep growing and advancing, and where ever I can plug in and help I’ll do that.


What are you hoping to bring to the Board?
My background is communications and PR. I know the board is full of accountants and lawyers, and we need those, but I think I can bring a different perspective. I’m also one of the youngest on the board, which is a little intimidating, but at the same time, I appreciate that they are interested in my perspective.


What are you excited to learn as you join CAC’s Board of Directors?
I’m excited to get in and dig in and see how CAC works. You know, get in and look under the hood, if you will. Because I’m a parent who only has exposure to one campus, I guess you could consider what I have as an outsider’s perspective. CAC works really well. I’m excited to see how it works and what can I help refine or refresh.


What do you like to do when you have free time?
I’m really into painting – I love it. I like to consider myself a creative person, so any creative outlet that I can sink my teeth into, I’m going to do it. From painting to photography, to event planning, to graphic design to writing. I do hope to publish a children’s book one day, but I’m not there yet. Anything in the creative realm, I’m all about it.


Now for a silly question. Would you rather live in a house on the beach or a treehouse in the middle of the woods?
That’s a hard one. I love a little cabin in the woods, but I really like the beach. What if it was a house that had a backyard in the woods and a front yard at the beach? Can I answer both? I just like to be outside in nature.