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Q&A with former PFTA presidents, Hollye and Kevin Corbell

1. Tell us about you and your family. Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.20.32 PM
My husband Kevin and I met in the fall of 2000 and married in the summer of 2002. We are both former CAC alumni and members of Pleasant Valley Church of Christ. We currently live in Maumelle and have one son, Hunter, who is currently a senior at CAC and plans to attend Harding in the fall. Hunter has kept us very busy over the years traveling to all of his football, basketball and baseball games.

2. What types of things do you enjoy doing together as a family?
Some of our best family memories are from the many sporting events we have traveled to over the years.  We feel very blessed that we have been able to visit so many exciting places. Our family loves to travel!

3. How long have you both been a part of the CAC family?
We have been a part of the CAC family for a combined 24 years.

4. How long have you been head of the PFTA? What has been your favorite part of service in this role?
Kevin and I decided in the fall of 2012 it was time for us get more involved and volunteer our time at CAC.  We took on the role of PFTA president from Mark and Kim Rickett in the fall of 2013.  We feel honored to have served in this position for the last four years.  Our service with the PFTA enabled us meet more of the CAC student body, families and friends of CAC.

5. What is one memory of CAC that you will always cherish?
We have so many wonderful memories from our years at CAC. I guess some of our most cherished memories would be when Kevin helped chaperone the freshman trip to Washington D.C. in 2014 and when we chaperoned the sophomore trip to NYC in 2015.

6. What do you love about CAC?
I love the faith and servant leadership that CAC instills in our children. I also love the fact that the teachers are so invested in each and every one of our children. CAC is family and everyone who leaves CAC knows they are a part of something bigger and that they will always have the relationship and experiences they gained on the mountain.

7. Your son is graduating this year! What are you looking forward to next year?
We are looking forward to the next chapter.  We are not sure what that will entail, but we hope it will include lots of travel and good times with family and friends.