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Q&A with Jonathan Rogers

Tell us about your family.RogersFamily
My wife Rachel and I met in high school at CAC, dated through college at Harding University and we’ve been married for 13 years. Rachel has been involved with CAC since she was in PreK4 – she went all the way through. Then, she taught here after she got out of college.
We have two sons, Dylan and Caleb. Dylan is 7 and in the first grade with Mrs. Wood, Caleb is 5 and in PreK4 with Mrs. Zini. They love life, that’s what I’ll say. They are boys, so they love to fight, they love to snow ski, they love the beach. Right now, they are playing t-ball and basketball. We have a dog named Ben, who is interesting. That’s a whole different story in and of itself.
We attend Levy Church of Christ, and we love that there are adults there who care about our children as much as we do.


What do you love about CAC?
The fact that our kids have always had teachers who love them for who they are is amazing. Our boys come home and tell us that their teachers are the smartest people in the world. We feel like everyone at this school demonstrates love to our kids in ways they wouldn’t get anywhere else.
We have two different kids with two very distinct personalities. We teach our oldest son about the Bible at home, and he learns a lot at church, but the Bible knowledge he has because of what he learns at school is really amazing.
Our youngest son is 100% different in the fact that he is smart, but he doesn’t really like the idea of school. And I’ve loved to see him grow outside of his comfort zone and socially interact, because these are the people you want him to socially interact with.


What was the process of going from “parent” to “Board member” like?
I was honored to be asked to be on the Board. I feel like it is going to be a team effort between me and my wife, because she does a lot of the heavy lifting.
The Board is a committee of several good Christian men and women who have been successful in promoting the cause of Christ. There are very distinct individuals with different leadership capabilities, and I’m excited to collaborate with them and learn from them.
This position is really a long term plan of continuing the mission that has been so great before us. To me, that’s the most important piece of it. There are people who have been involved with CAC for a long time, and there are years of heritage and tradition. We want to promote something similar to what they had in mind when they created this.


What are you most excited to bring to the Board?
I’m not sure I can bring anything to the table that they don’t already have with the great men and women who make up the Board.
You see, at some point in life, you are the small guy. Right now, that’s me – I’m the new man. I’m looking to learn, more than anything. I’m more of a sponge than a speaker at this point in time, and I feel like that will be vital for me in the future. There are people who have been on the Board for more than 20 years, and I’m learning from them every day. In 15 or 20 years from now, I hope to look back and see that we’ve taken care of what has been handed to us.
To me, being on the Board at CAC is 100% different than anything else you do during the day. All of the daily concerns go out the window when you walk in the room to meet with that group of people. I don’t look around the room and see people’s careers, I look around the room and see people who are there for the common purpose of taking care of CAC.


What are a few things we need to know about you?
I’m a hard worker. If there is a list full of things to get done, I’m going to work until they are completed. As for the things I enjoy in life, I love spending time with my boys and whatever they are involved in. I really enjoy snow skiing, playing golf and duck hunting as well.