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Q&A with Holly Cannon

1. Tell us about yourself!   IMG_7852
I am a recent Harding Graduate of Theatre and Children’s and Family Ministry who lives in Searcy with my husband and puppy. I love all things Disney and am a Christmas fanatic. I grew up in Cookeville, Tennessee, and started theatre at a very young age. In high school I worked with a professional theatre as an actor/singer. My whole family has worked in performing arts in some capacity. My husband is a light designer and professional rigger, my dad does sound design and set construction, my mom is a seamstress and my little sister works backstage with fly systems. I was always drawn to performance and design. Working with kids was another huge passion but for years I didn’t know how to tie the two types of work together professionally.

2. How did you come to be at CAC?
One of my professors was contacted and recommended me to Mrs. Thomas.  It was an answer to prayer that the timing added up and we were able to collaborate in preparation for the spring semester.

3. What are you looking forward to the most about directing The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet this spring?
Getting to know the kids. This script is so fun and engaging that I hope it can bring joy to everyone who comes in contact with it. When you are able to work on a piece you enjoy, like Dr. Seuss, it makes the process that much more exciting. Theatre is such a unique opportunity where you get to develop personal technique in stage craft, but you also get to work with people that you might never get to know otherwise.  It’s something that cannot be recreated, like a snapshot in time.

4. What are you hoping to contribute to the CAC family while you’re here?
I believe our lives are full of snapshots but often times we don’t realize them until they have already passed. I have been given a very unique blessing; a short season of time to learn, work with and hopefully encourage this group of fantastic kids. These kids are so talented and joyful. Getting to spend time with that creativity is inspiring for me. And if I can share even just an inkling of my love and passion for the imagination behind theatre, then God will be glorified.

5. What is your favorite show on Broadway right now?
Truly I wouldn’t know for sure.  The only one I’ve actually been able to see was Wicked. It was awesome. But if there was one I wish I could see, it would be the new adaptation of Anastasia.  That movie musical was my favorite for all of my life. I considered her my honorary Disney Princess!

6. Tell us about your theatre experiences at Harding.
I was fortunate enough to work on several shows while at Harding. While performing was my main passion, I also got to use my skills as a costume designer, and director for several different experiences. My two favorite roles were towards the end of my college career when I had the privilege to portray Anne Sullivan in The Miracle Worker. It was a dream role and a show where I was able to share a very real message of hope. My other favorite experience was getting to produce A Seussified Christmas Carol this past December. I convinced several of my close friends and the Theatre Department to allow us to put the show on as a free Christmas play for the community and used the opportunity to raise money for a local charity and the support was overwhelming. I made tons of lifelong friendships, worked with many different organizations and am glad to call Searcy home.

7. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Most people don’t know that I have a huge love of American Sign Language. The deaf community is inspiring to me and I am an advocate for their stories to be known. I have a handful of deaf friends and I find their everyday lives to be inspiring. There are a few theatre troops that hire both deaf and hearing performers. I think this kind of art is extremely powerful.