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Q&A with Miracle Jones

Q&A with 7th grader Miracle Jones, who recently published a book.img_6948-copy

What inspired you to write this book?
I wrote this book because my GranGran had cancer, and I know how it feels when you first hear the news. I wanted to give kids something they could read so they could relate to it.

What was the process like?
It was exciting. I had never really done something like this before, except for school. It was really exciting to have it published and do all of the editing and stuff.

How did you feel when the book was released?thumbnail_i_believe_front_cover_v2
I was so excited and giddy, but I couldn’t be loud because I was in study hall.

What is your hope for this book?
That I can get my word out, and that when my next book comes out more people will know about it. And all of our proceeds go to St. Jude’s, so I want to raise enough money to help the kids there.

What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book? Was there ever a time when you were afraid you weren’t going to be able to write one?
They can do anything they put their mind to! Yes, but I just thought that maybe someone else like me wants to write a book and I can be their example to show them that even though they are a kid, they can still do it.

What are you planning for the future? Any other books in the works?
I’ve written another book the should be coming out soon. It’s a chapter book called Emery Different and I kind of based it on me. She has a little bit of a lack of confidence and it’s just her story…and how she is the outsider from everyone else.”


Bonus Questions with Miracle’s Father:

How do you feel about Miracle’s recent endeavors?
It’s humbling. As a parent, you see your child living out one of her dreams, and you want to support her. You know that it’s going to be a little extra work for you, but you’re excited and you want to give that support. In some cases, you try to mentor her because it’s almost like she’s opening her own business.

What is something about Miracle that inspires you?
She has a kind heart. She’s always wants to give. That within itself is humbling. It makes you sit back and focus on what’s really important.


  • To purchase Miracle’s most recent book online, visit
    To purchase a book in person, just find MJ around campus!
    All proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help find a cure for cancer.