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Q&A with senior Allie Weiner

Q&A with senior Allie Weiner, who recently signed to play golf at Arkansas Tech University.img_5827

1. How long have you been playing golf?
Seven years

2. What do you enjoy the most about playing golf?
I enjoy the challenge of playing golf. It is the most mentally and physically challenging sport there is.

3. What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from playing golf?
Golf has taught me a lot about life. It has taught me patience and it has taught me that you have to work really hard to achieve your goals.

4. What has been your favorite memory of playing golf at CAC?
My favorite memory of golf at CAC is definitely my sophomore year. I won state and got second in overall.

5. You recently signed to play collegiate golf at Arkansas Tech. How are you feeling about it?
I’m really excited to play for Arkansas Tech! The team is awesome, the coach is awesome, and the school is not too far away from home.

6. What are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to all of the tournaments we will play in. The team travels all around the country, and one of my favorite things to do is travel!

7. Who is your athletic hero?
My athletic hero is my dad!

8. Who is your athletic inspiration?
My athletic inspiration is John Daly all the way.

9. If you could meet one athlete, who would you choose?
If I could meet one athlete, it would definitely be Rory McIlroy.