Summer Projects Update

CAC AtriumWhile students have been away this summer, renovations have been underway at all three CAC campuses. With the funds our families and PFTA groups donated to the school’s Wish List campaign this year, significant progress has been made on the North Little Rock gym, Pleasant Valley playground and secondary atrium.

At North Little Rock Elementary, heating and air conditioning units along with a new roof, new adjustable basketball goals and fresh paint have been added to transform the previously unfinished gym into an improved area for P.E., athletics and school events. Before school begins, a new floor will also be laid over the current concrete.

At Pleasant Valley Elementary, the playground will be resurfaced before summer’s end. Inside the building, students will return to an expanded library and multiple enlarged classrooms.

Last but not least, the secondary atrium will be noticeably different when students arrive this August, as major work has begun on the student lounge. The newly heated and air conditioned space now features a carpeted section and brand new purple, gold and white tables, seats and sofas. Work has also begun on a media counter that will include multiple outlets for student use, and plans are in place for the placement of two large logos to decorate the area.

Across campus, varsity dressing rooms are being renovated with updated shower areas, flooring, and lockers.

Head of Advancement and Enrollment Chad Tappe said, “We are extremely excited for students and parents to view the changes at all three of our campuses. We’re adding space, functionality and eye-catching improvements to each campus which will be used and appreciated by each CAC student.”

Tappe said there is still much work to be done. “Though we were very pleased with our Wish List campaign, there were projects that we were not able to complete due to lack of funding,” Tappe said. “In the next year, we want to follow up on these projects and hope to enlist the support of our PFTA organizations to make these future renovations become a reality.”