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Q&A with Allie Evans

Allie EvansSpotlight on a CAC recipient of the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship

Class of 2016 graduate Allie Evans was recently awarded the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship, a full tuition and housing college scholarship for golf caddies awarded based on excellent academics, character and a strong caddying record. Evans sat down with the e-Mustang staff to share about the scholarship, her caddying experience and her advice for future CAC high schoolers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in northern Illinois and my family moved here in 2008. I am one of 13 children (I’m number 12). I’ve been at CAC since my freshman year. I ran track, played basketball, have been in a few plays the last few years and on student council.

Tell us how you learned you had received the scholarship and what that moment was like for you.

I interviewed for the scholarship in March, so I had to go to my club, the Alotian Club, and sit down with Mr. Stephens (the owner), Mr. Snider (the COO) and two WGA representatives. Hundreds of people apply for the scholarship, so I was very nervous. I got my letter in the mail when I came home from spring break. It was really exciting — and just a huge relief!

How did you hear about the scholarship?  

I’m the seventh person in my family to receive the scholarship. My oldest sister applied for it when we she was in high school. She is 16 years older than me, so I’ve known about it my entire life. When we moved here, I had to find another place to caddy. To my knowledge, Alotian is the only club in Arkansas where you can. I’ve worked there since about 2013, and I applied for the scholarship last August. I had to have a few evaluations filled out and write an essay where I explained how much this scholarship has meant to me and my family.

Tell us about your caddying experience.

It’s funny — I’m not actually a golfer, and besides one of my brothers, no one in my family really is either. But I love being out on the course. Alotian is a beautiful club, and it is well-known amongst golfers. A lot of the members there are very successful. It’s really good to see that these very prosperous people are also very kind.

We’ve heard you will be attending the University of Colorado Boulder for college this fall. How did you make that choice?

There are roughly 20 schools that are affiliated with and accept the Chick Evans scholarship, and the committee actually chooses the school for you (typically one in your home state). However, Arkansas does not have an affiliated school, so I applied to a lot of schools including Colorado, Wisconsin and Northwestern. I’ve always thought the one they chose for me would be the one I’m supposed to go to. My brother Pete is currently at Colorado. It’s a huge leap, but I think it will be a good change.

What are you planning on studying?

I’m signed up as a psychology major, and I’m considering integrated physiology. I either want to do nursing or counseling of some kind.

Tell us about how housing works with your scholarship.

Everyone who receives the scholarship lives in the same house, so my brother and l will actually be living under the same roof again. There are about 50 scholars at the school, and my class is supposed to be one of the largest they’ve had. They just did a six-million-dollar renovation to the house we’ll be living in, so it is beautiful. I went up the day after junior/senior to check it out. It was awesome!

If you could share one piece of advice with an upcoming CAC high schooler, what would it be?

I would tell them to make a lot of friends and try everything the school has to offer.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned at CAC that will stick with you?

Probably to keep an open mind. I feel like coming from a bigger family and coming from a Catholic background, CAC is a different environment. But it is definitely a good experience to let people into your life who will change it for the better.