Q&A With CAC’s Newest Board Member

Erin McConnellCAC Spotlight on Erin McConnell

CAC mom and McConnell & Son, Inc. CFO Erin McConnell was recently named to CAC’s board of directors. The wife of a CAC grad, McConnell has been deeply involved with the school, previously serving as the head homeroom mom and PFTA president at NLR Elementary.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Magnolia, Arkansas, and graduated from Southern Arkansas University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Once I moved to Little Rock, I worked at Metropolitan National Bank as a branch manager then at Acxiom as a project manager. Now I work with my husband Hugh as Chief Financial Officer at McConnell & Son, Inc. We have three children: Mac (eighth grade), Timothy (fourth grade) and Gus (third grade).

What was your first exposure to CAC?

My first exposure to CAC was when I met Hugh. He graduated from CAC in 1992. I’ve heard lots of funny stories about Mr. Diles driving him to school on snow days and sliding across the old Levy bridge. The original Track Attack funds were raised to pave the track. It was dirt back then, and they had to actually “run” laps around the track for donations! I also have heard many stories about Mr. Freeman and his original thoughts of why they started the school. Hugh’s parents have always been huge supporters of CAC because they believed in a good Christian education.

As a parent, what was it about CAC that made you want to send your children here?

I knew as soon as Hugh and I were married that we wanted our children to attend CAC. We never really considered any other school and feel blessed that we are able to send our boys here. It is so nice to know that we have a group of teachers and staff that truly care and love our boys. The most important aspect is that they are able to learn about God daily and are around teachers that live a Christ-led life.

What was your favorite part of serving as NLR’s PFTA president and as the head homeroom mother?

I have several favorite parts! One of them is getting to know Mrs. Posey. She is a friend and a mentor to me. I am grateful for her and her service to our school. I love our school and want the best for it, the teachers and the students. I served as the head homeroom mom for four years. It was great to work with other parents and the teachers and get to know them. After my first two years at the Sylvan Hills campus, we learned that we would move to the YMCA building. This was a very exciting time and transition for all of us, and I served for two years after that. I still help with most of our events at the North Little Rock campus today. We have some exciting things happening at our campus! I look forward to seeing them through.

What made you want to serve on the school’s board of directors?

The day I got the call that I was nominated was overwhelming. I have such respect for our current board members and everyone who has served on it in the past. I feel honored to be able to serve with such a great group of men and women. I am passionate about our school. I want to work to keep our school policies in line with what the founders had in mind when the school was started. CAC was formed to provide a good, affordable Christian education for children. Our board has done a great job keeping this in check. I want to make sure we stay on track and also help make other improvements when needed. I look forward to learning more about other aspects of the school so I can help make good decisions for our future.

How do you spend your spare time?

Spare time? What is that? There isn’t much spare time with three boys! As a family, we love to watch movies, play board games and hang out outside. I love to scrapbook, work puzzles and travel when I can.

What have you enjoyed most about being part of the CAC family?

I have loved getting to know the teachers, staff, students and other parents. Hugh and I have formed lifelong friendships through CAC. One thing that cannot be topped is going to chapel. I attend regularly at the North Little Rock campus and will pop my head in at the high school campus from time to time. I am pretty sure there aren’t many schools who gather daily as a whole and listen to the word of God, sing and say the Pledge of Allegiance. There is no better way to start your day!