Mustang Choir Returns to FedExForum

Click to watch snippets of last year’s performance.

After an exceptional performance in January, the CAC choir has been called back to FedExForum to sing the National Anthem as the Grizzlies tip off against the Brooklyn Nets on Oct. 31.

The high school choir was invited to appear center court for the first time last winter after a representative from the team discovered a video of the students online. Choir Director Tori Beach said the rep was extremely pleased with what he heard at the game.

“The choir performed under the direction of Janice Northen, and the Grizzlies representative was so impressed with our sound that he said we would have first choice of games this year.” Beach pitched the idea to the students, who were excited for another opportunity to showcase their talent beyond Little Rock.

Senior Anna-Grace Shields performed with last year’s choir and said she’s looking forward to sharing the experience with the students who didn’t make the trip last winter. “It’s a really cool opportunity that not a lot of people get to experience,” Shields said. “Not only did we get to do it once, we’re getting to go back, which I think shows that we sang well and says something about our school.”

Our families have the opportunity to sit in a section designated for CAC fans once again this year. Tickets are $20 and instructions for purchasing tickets are available here. The Grizzlies take on the Brooklyn Nets Saturday, Oct. 31 at 7 p.m.