Q&A With CAC’s Senior Student Council Officers

Senior STUCO OfficersCAC Spotlight on Caroline Leverett, Shane Almond and Caden Miller 

CAC’s Student Council has been hard at work this month helping Mustang Mountain’s newest residents at Middle School Day One and developing the school’s theme for this year: Called to be Different. CAC’s senior STUCO officers sat down with the e-Mustang staff to discuss the story behind the theme and their goals for the year. 

How did you come up with this year’s theme, “Called to be Different”? 

SA: As Christians, we are called to be different — that’s as simple as we can put it. To me, it’s about more than just staying away from the bad crowd — it’s about being active in being Christ-like and making a difference.

How do you hope CAC students will apply this theme to their daily lives this year?  

CL: We want our school to look different as a whole, not just our students, but our faculty as well. We’re not just trying to be different from other schools, we’re striving to be different in the perspective of Christ — in the way we treat people, the way we play sports, and the way we conduct our daily lives.  

Tell us a little bit about the meaning behind the Disney back-to-school theme. 

CL: With this year being a transition year, with sixth and seventh graders coming up here and teachers moving around, we wanted to have a theme that everyone could relate to. We chose Disney because Disney’s tagline is “The happiest place on Earth.” We truly want this to the be a happy place for everyone, so we called it “The happiest Mountain on Earth.” As seniors, we’ve had some of our happiest moments here, and we want that to be true for our younger students too.

STUCO played a large role at Middle School Day One. What was the best part of that day for you? 

CM: We saw a lot of different emotions that day. We saw the eighth graders who have been here before and knew what to expect, and then there were the sixth and seventh graders who were shy and new to everything and kind of unsure. It was cool seeing our Student Council and eighth graders stepping up and teaching them the ropes. I saw students communicating and working together like a family.

What are your goals for Student Council this year?

CM: When coach Hall was here, one of the things he stressed to the team was being unified – being family. I think that is important as a school too. Time is winding down for our seniors, so I think my goal for us would be to come together and build those relationships and make it a year to remember. 

SA: My goal is to be a good example. We’ve had some great STUCO leaders in past years, so my goal is to be a vocal leader that people know they can follow. 

CL: My goal is for us to build an environment of encouragement, because even if we’re a family, families fight and go through things. Last year was a hard year for our school. We dealt with deaths of family members and other issues. My goal for us this year is to keep an environment that encourages and builds people up so that when hard things do happen, it’s much easier for us to come together as a school.