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Q&A With Caroline Prestridge

Caroline Prestridge Q&ASpotlight On Mustang Mountain’s New 7th Grade English Teacher

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I met my husband, Adam, in the cafeteria at Harding. We went on our first date to Waffle House, and I didn’t even know what a Waffle House was because we didn’t have them in California. It was a crazy and silly first date, and it went from there. We have two daughters: Elizabeth, who’s in kindergarten, and Lucy, who’s one.

How did you decide you wanted to teach English?

I grew up in California and decided to go to Harding University because I wanted to be a biochemist, and Harding had a pretty good program. I went through one semester and learned that it was not the best fit for me. I realized I loved my English classes, so I went to my professor and asked, “How can I make this my life?”

What was your first exposure to CAC?

Many of the families at our church, Somers Avenue, are connected to CAC. We learned a lot about CAC from them and ended up putting our daughter, Elizabeth, in school here.

Tell us about some of your favorite hobbies.

My main hobby is spending time with my kids, and reading lots of silly books. We’ve moved from “Fancy Nancy” onto “Ivy and Bean.” I also really enjoy making pottery. In high school, that was one of my favorite classes. I liked it so much my dad helped me make a studio in our garage.

Who’s one person you consider a mentor and why? 

I would say Jan Penrod – she’s been a huge mentor in encouraging me to use the gifts God’s given me. This summer, we taught a ladies Bible class on Sunday mornings. It put me out of my comfort zone, even as a teacher, because I was teaching ladies who have more life experience.

What’s one thing the CAC family probably doesn’t know about you?

I play the flute, and I was band president in high school!