CAC Expands Middle School Program

As part of Central Arkansas Christian’s plan to expand its middle school program, sixth grade will transition from elementary school to the secondary campus beginning with the 2015-2016 school year.

IMG_6946“Middle school students have unique developmental needs,” said President Carter Lambert. “We want to provide a positive and personal transition from elementary school that prepares students for success in high school.”

Sixth grade is currently housed in two elementary school locations – Pleasant Valley Elementary in Little Rock, and North Little Rock Elementary on JFK in North Little Rock.

The move will create a middle school environment for grades six through eight. The classrooms will be close together, and they will share facilities with the high school students.

A key element of the program will be an emphasis on the mastery of fundamental knowledge and skills: reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, mathematics and science in small classes that promote personal interaction with students.

IMG_6755“Middle school should be a time of exploration,” Lambert said. “Our program is designed to provide opportunities for each student to be involved in activities, not just a select few. Regardless of a student’s ability or prior experience, middle school is a time to participate, not spectate. Our size enhances our ability to provide these opportunities.”

Middle school students will participate in three years of required daily Spanish instruction, instrumental or vocal music instruction, physical education and technology, and fine arts instruction.

CAC will offer bus transportation to the secondary campus from locations in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

CAC provides a distinctly Christian education, manifested by a commitment to building a deeper relationship with God through student participation in daily chapel and Bible class, along with instruction from Christian role models and teachers.

To learn more about CAC, or to schedule a personal tour, call Chad Tappe at 501-758-3160 Ext. 224.