Q&A With Tori Beach

Mrs. Tori Beach teaches elementary music at North Little Rock and Pleasant Valley Elementary, as well as Junior High Choir at the secondary campus. Mrs. Beach sat down with the e-Mustang staff to share a little bit about herself, her love for music and the highlights and challenges of being a traveling teacher.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I grew up in Clarksville, Arkansas and in May 2014, I graduated from Harding University with a degree in vocal music education and a minor in marketing. This June 4, I married my husband, Philip. Phillip is in his second year of pharmacy school at Harding University. We live in Ward, Arkansas.

How did you discover your passion for music and how has it influenced your decision to come to CAC?

I discovered my passion for music as a young child. My first fond memory is hearing my mother enter my bedroom during naptime to flip over my “Sounds of the Ocean” cassette tape. Since I can remember, I have loved to sing and listen to music and my love for music has influenced me to follow my dreams! Growing up, I always dreamed of working in music. Today, I am living my dream.

What is one thing the CAC family doesn’t know about you?

Phillip and I do not have kids; however, we do have an aquatic turtle named Larry and a German Sheprador named Willow.

Each day you see students at NLR, PV and Mustang Mountain. What is the best part of teaching at all three CAC campuses? Most difficult part?

Because I teach at all three campuses, I am privileged to be able to meet and build relationships with just about every single student who attends CAC! The most difficult part is learning all of their names, and because I see different age groups, it’s easy to forget what age group I’m teaching. I constantly remind myself to use terms or definitions that the students understand… otherwise, I get the “deer in the headlights” look!

What has been your favorite moment in the classroom so far this year?

Being mistaken for Mrs. Peach on a daily basis. I have learned to embrace both my names, Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Peach!