CAC Spotlight: Jordan Collier & Doug Killgore

Jordan Collier and Doug KillgoreEarlier this spring, CAC’s administration named Jordan Collier principal of CAC’s secondary campus, and Doug Killgore was appointed Mustang Mountain’s assistant principal/athletic director. The duo kindly sat down with the e-Mustang staff to share a little bit about themselves and their new roles at CAC.

Tell us a little bit about your background at CAC.

Collier: I began teaching eighth grade English at CAC during the 2011-2012 school year, and last year I became the assistant principal. Prior to joining the CAC family, I lived and taught in Cabot, but my wife and I were members at PV and developed many relationships with folks who also had CAC connections.

Killgore: I’ve been at CAC from 76-82, 94-2000, 2002 to present. I think that’s about 25 years. I started the chorus program, taught Bible, PE and coached football, basketball, softball and track in the early days. During the middle period, I taught Bible, PE and coached cross-country and track, and later acted as the athletic director and assistant principal.

What’s the best part of being in a leadership role at CAC?

Collier: Having the opportunity to spend time in every teacher’s classroom. I love seeing good teaching in action and students engaged in the learning process.

Killgore: The trickle-down effect of positively influencing a multitude of people, even if indirectly, by fostering opportunities for success at both the student and staff level.

What are you most looking forward to about the new school year?

Collier: The first day of school. Every year I feel like a little kid the night before the first day of school. I can’t sleep well, I wake up way too early, and I’m one of the first people on campus. I love the excitement and positive energy of the first day. Everyone begins the year with a clean slate and the chance to be better than the year before.

Killgore: Welcoming some new opportunities and challenges. In virtually all positions at CAC, there is rarely an opportunity for boredom — especially if you are attempting to avoid boredom.

Tell us something the CAC family probably doesn’t know about you.

Collier: I have never had Mountain Dew. Weird, I know.

Killgore: I once rode my bicycle for 24 hours around the CAC track – doing 276 miles total. During that ride, I’m not sure if I really nearly died, but I do remember thinking I’d have to feel better to die. Beyond that, I sang and worked in the opera field for 3 years.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your students?

Collier: They’ve taught me tons, but one thing in particular is how to balance school and relationships at the same time. After my first CAC chapel, the eighth grade class president stood up and welcomed each of the new eighth graders and gave them each a gift basket. I just remember thinking how awesome that was.

Killgore: Have lofty expectations for students to perform to a high level and more often than not you won’t be disappointed.