Mustang Missions Spearhead Tornado Relief

Mustang Missions 3Mustang Missions deployed its first round of on-the-ground tornado relief Tuesday afternoon alongside the CAC Baseball team, which was scheduled to play Mayflower that evening.

The student athletes and Mustang Missions volunteers made their way to Mayflower to help clean up debris and salvage items at the home of junior Zac Lilly. Lilly was among two CAC students and numerous CAC friends and relatives who lost their homes during Sunday’s storms.

Stuart Cash, leader of Mustang Missions, said after the tornado hit Sunday night, he received constant phone calls, tweets, texts, and Facebook messages from CAC students and parents ready and eager to do whatever they could to help.

On Monday, Mustang Missions began gathering funds for the CAC families who were affected by the storms as well as toiletries, plastic bags and water to distribute to the people of Vilonia and Mayflower. By Tuesday afternoon, Mustang Mountain had raised over $4,000 dollars. Today, the PV campus hosted a pajama day to raise more money for the cause.

Cash said he has been overwhelmed by the way CAC students and parents have put the needs of others above their own and demonstrated their understanding of what it truly means to serve others.

“We don’t just talk about being a family at CAC – we truly are a family,” Cash said. “When one of our families is hurting, we hurt with them. Our school gathers around them and does whatever it takes to get them on their feet again.”

A second group of students will return to the devastated areas for cleanup this Saturday.

Donations for families affected by the tornados are still being accepted and checks can be made out to Central Arkansas Christian School with “Mustang Missions” in the Memo. Items to be distributed to tornado victims will be collected at each of the campuses through Friday, May 2. To see the list of needed supplies, visit the Mustang Missions Facebook page.