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Mustang Monitor – January 30th

Greetings all,

We hope this finds you prepared for month TWO of 2017.  It is upon us in rapid and sure fashion.  Much to report so here we go.

Shout Outs:
Honor Societies – National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, Beta Club and National Junior Honor Society had their induction ceremonies yesterday.  A TON o’ CAC kids were involved and recognized for academic prowess.  Congrats all and special thanks to Jan Penrod for steering that boat.
Winning continues with our teams with virtually all sports enjoying success at some point last week.  Such is a product of much effort and practice on the part of student athletes and coaches as well.  Winning certainly is not the pinnacle of achievement but it surely makes life more pleasant. Games continue this week with all teams as we near the end of the winter season.  Season ending tournaments begin soon with junior basketball’s tournament starting Saturday.  We will try to keep you posted on game information.
Chad Tappe is hard at work bringing in new folks to CAC.  He led some great events last week: Fifth Grade Great Adventure and Open House!!!  Great job Chad!!  Many, many folks more or less new to Mustang Mountain visited and were given grand treatment.  No small number of us count on those visitors and on you continuing to have kids as “job security” contributions.  A big ole THANKS all around!

A couple of special Shout Outs for special people.  We always LOVE to share good news about our students regardless of the context.  There is more to life than games and winning.
I received a report on freshman, Jane Ross, regarding her activity a week or so ago.  On her way to school early in the morning, Jane witnessed a vehicle (USPS van) run off the road and down an incline near the Park Hill – I-40 interchange.  Jane asked that her vehicle stop, she bolted out the door, across the road and down the embankment to make sure the driver, a lady, was OK.  Only upon being assured the driver was unharmed (other than shaken up), Jane came back to the car and was happily on her way to school. Way to go Jane!!  Showing us what is important.
Secondly, I received the following email message last week from a peer coach/AD from another school:  I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your coach and team last night. The first time you all played us a girl had 22 of 26 points, so we played a box and one. Usually at some point at that age the person who is being guarded gets frustrated and starts forcing things, but she never did. She took her opportunities when she had them and let her teammates carry her for a night. Very impressive for her and you could tell she had been coached right to be able to do so, and it also has to be in her character. Again, very impressive!
Honor to whom honor; praise to whom praise.  The student is 7th grader, Ava Knoedl; the coach is Tasha Williams.  Great job to both for making us proud and demonstrating great priorities!

There are likely many other such stories which reinforce in us “old folks” the mission of CAC.

That’s it for now so we can get this out and the information available. Take care, be well, eat your veggies and say your prayers.  And holler if we may be of help.
Doug Killgore, CMAA