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Mustang Monitor – October 9th

Southwest Higher Altitude Greetings,

That get you thinking?  I am currently (through Tuesday evening) in Albuquerque, NM approximately 35 feet higher than a mile hoping altitude sickness doesn’t hit.  I have so far been spared attacks if I stay below 7,000-8,000 feet. (9,600 at Breckinridge puts a severe whuppin’ on me without meds. (Yes, I found something that works!))  Anyway, I am teaching/speaking at the New Mexico Activities Association’s annual meetings for a bit.  While the terrain is VASTLY different, there are many similarities between our two states with regard to activities and athletics.  Here’s hoping for a great effort and an uncomplicated trip.

What a grand week last week.  I even think there was some school that happened here and there.  A big ole SHOUT OUT to the Student Council, president Braden Duane Quesinberry, his workforce and sponsor,Melissa Leverett for outstanding activities and a flourishing school spirit!  It was a memorable (in good ways) week with but few challenges to sanity.  Also, congratulations to senior, Queen Jenna Horton and her court of great students.  Thank you to all who contributed.

Still a good many activities this week although not quite the amount or revelry of last week.  We hope you can get out and support our great students as the represent Mustang Mountain.  A special Shout Out to Allie Weiner who will be playing in the State Overall Golf Tournament on Thursday at Pleasant Valley Country Club.  This even matches the top three from each of the state tournament to decide an overall winner.  Good luck Allie!

Some reminders about the week:

Wednesday – A 2:00 dismissal day.  Make sure you get your kids if they aren’t involved in after school activities or in After School Care.  This also marks the end of the First Grading Period.

Friday – No School.  Except for teachers and interested parents who take advantage of the time to have conferences with teachers.  Teachers will be available from 8:00 – 3:30 or conferences; please schedule IN ADVANCE to avoid waiting on availability.  You may contact teacher via email or through Renweb.

That’s if other than items on the Weekly Schedule.  Do take care out there; keep the skies and weather clear Tuesday evening, including Dallas.  Holler if we may be of service; you might need to holler a bit louder than usual for a couple of days.

Doug Killgore, CMAA