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Mustang Monitor, April 11th

Thunder Boomer Greetings,

This brief update between lightning bolts, with some most timely situations.

At this point, forecast notwithstanding, for the time being, games are ON for tonight in all locations.  We will update via Mustang Monitor and Twitter as soon as decisions have been made.  Thank you for your patience!

Finally, for now, the websites for ordering CAC Activity Gear will remain active through Wednesday.  The website may be accessed from the CAC website here.  For reminder:

One site contains a All Activity Travel Bag.  It is available to ANYONE and is highly recommended  for all sports and activities.  The bag will be personalized for easy ID.

The other site has football specific Spirit Pack goods, mostly for senior high.  A variety of items are there, some required.

Once received, all items will be delivered to school and distributed to the appropriate student.

That is it for the time being.  Updates as soon as they develop.  Thank you for your attention and support; holler or email if you wish information.

Doug Killgore, CMAA