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Mustang Monitor – December 28th

Mustang Monitor

Short and sweet, get you back on your way greetings,

I hope the holidays have been Oh So Kind to you and yours.  And to thing; only halfway completed!!!!  It will be here soon enough.

A little info as Mustang basketball will be playing in a tournament today through Wednesday at Russellville High School.  The possible games are on the attached schedule.  I’ll update you as results are known.  For more immediate results, do the Twitter thing; @BowTieAD.

If you know of any report-worthy news for the Monitor, please pass it on to me via email,  Been out of the loop for a day or five so might have missed some good info.

Until more news happens; be well and be happy out there.  Holler if we can help but be loud.  Not paying quite as close attention as usual.