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Mustang Monitor – December 12th

Morning greetings,

 Wrapping up a bit for the semester.  Wow, where has it gone???  Life flies by when you’re having fun!  I hope it has been well with you.

Not a lot in the activity realm going on for the near future; but plenty of activity in the more-important academic realm.  Although some would argue that.  I dare say virtually all of us have earned a greater living with our minds that with our muscles!  I know it’s true but I cannot understand why my body is aching more than my head.  Curious.

A big shout out to the football squad as some post-season honors were announced earlier this week.  Hearty congrats to the following:

2-4A All Conference – Jon Andrews, Hunter Corbell, Noah Evans, Justin Flanigan, Braylon Harris, Cade Huckaby, Josh Johnson, Rashad Martin, Caden Miller, Landon Stevenson, Tanner Weber, Grant Wood

Honorable Mention – Cam Glaze, Austin Holley, Zac Otwell, Rhett Shepard

2-4A Outstanding Back – Braylon Harris

4A All State – Braylon Harris, Landon Stevenson

2-4A Coach of the Year – Tommy Shoemaker

Congratulations to all.  It was a great season and we are proud of you!!

A Shout Out also to our great cheer squads for their work, support and PEP during the football season.  Conditions were not always pleasant for them; cold, rain, mud, bugs, but they supported our teams and lead our fans in their support.  Thank you ladies for your devotion and a big THANK YOU to coaches Tori Beach and Dia Watson (varsity) and Miranda Johnson (7th and junior high)!  We appreciate and are proud of you!

More congratulations to the Mustang Band for a great Christmas program on Thursday.  They are getting better AND enjoying it!!!!!  And that, my friends, is the whole point.  We will get opportunity to hear more of them as the Pep Band will appear at some basketball games.  Additionally, the Mustang Mountain Drumline (not the washed up ones you heard at a football game) will also be making its debut at some ballgames.  A big Shout Out to director, James Wilhite, for his great work and teaching.  

Tests this week, at least for senior high.  The schedule is a bit different so look around to check up on it.  The middle school folks will have a relatively “normal” week as they will take chapter tests only while the bigger semester exams await the high school students.  Also, Friday is an abbreviated day, ending noonish. 

That’s if for now.  Thank you for reading.  Hang on as we rapidly speed to the holidays.  Nose to the wheel for a few more days.  We are blessed to have you as a part of the CAC family and do appreciate you for your support and concern.  Give us a holler if we may be of help.

 Doug Killgore, CMAA