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Mustang Monitor – November 2nd

Gets Dark Early Greetings!!!

That just means we can go to bed earlier instead of waiting for the sun to go down. Silver lining in nearly everything.

‘Twas the end to a good week on Mustang Mountain with big doin’s over the weekend. A Mustang Football win and a #1 seed entering post-season play. The Mustang Choir repped the school well and Wowed! them at the FedEx Forum prior to a Memphis Griz game on Saturday evening. From social media, it also appeared the Rendezvous Rib Room got a good bit of Mustang business too. Very little better on a road trip than a good meal! Great job to all involved on Friday and Saturday evenings!

I have recovered emotionally from the sting of the Student Section’s Senior Citizen theme Friday night. I immediately could tell they were not sincere in their imitation; they moved up and down the steps with too much ease. Better luck next time, kiddos!

A Shout Out to the Cheer Squad (coaches Tori Beach & Dia Watson) and the Mustang Band (Coach James Wilhite) for great work in the Pep Rally and game with support and spirit. We are happy you are at it and working for school spirit. A fair amount of action remains in your future!!!!

Which brings me to this: The Football Mustangs are the 2-4A Conference Champs! The first championship since 2007 and only the 4th time in CAC Football history. As a result, Mustang Mountain will host a 4A playoff game on Friday, November 13; the first time since 2007 also. The Mustangs are 16-11 in playoff games; 8-1 when hosting games. CAC was the state champion in 2004 and runner up in 2005.

CAC will continue to host Friday games, as long as the winning continues, through November 27 and maybe beyond. Plan accordingly! (Great events to plan for.) Tickets price for playoff games is $6.00, adults and students alike. NO CAC PASSES WILL BE HONORED; AAA PASSES ONLY! Advance tickets sales will begin on Wednesday, November 11, at the three school offices. More details next week.

4A State Cross Country will be held Saturday at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. It is a great event with all classifications holding races that day. It is also an outstanding venue as fans can see the runners nearly the entire race. Best wishes to the squads and Coach Bradley Spencer in their efforts.

I think that’s it for now. More updates as it happens and is necessary and expedient. A bit of advance notice: Look for some instructions on a NEW END OF SCHOOL TRAFFIC PATTERN; info will be out very soon once all details are worked out. Until then, have a great day, be well and happy. Thank you for your support and attendance. Do holler if we may be of service to you or if you have any questions.

Doug Killgore, CMAA