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Mustang Monitor: November 24

Thankful greetings indeed,

Thankful that you’re interested, thankful that you signed up, even more thankful that you are actually reading.  Also a bit of gratitude to (more or less) be off for a bit.

Just a quick report about goings on in the next few days and a bonus special.

Ball games tonight and tomorrow; some here, some not here.  Tonight we will flip the varsity boys and girls games again so our guests from Paragould can head home a bit sooner.  I believe this will be the final occasion for that to happen.  At least, that we have control over.  Come on out for some great action tonight.

Additionally, there will be some odds and ends, leftovers, one-of-a-kind, there ain’t no more spirit clothing items available for purchase at the game tonight.  Over the past few months, these items have been piling up and will be offered cash (or check) and carry for wearing or giving.  I will have a table set up in front of the concession stand; the sale will begin at halftime of the JV boys game.

Tomorrow we travel to Clarksville for this last of this holiday’s action.  Games begin at 5:00 pm.  Take Exit 57 to the right then left on Clark Road which will go right by the school.  Eating options include:

Russellville – CJ Burgers, right, at the HWY 7 exit.  (I know many of you are devout Whataburger fans.  Never been there myself (I don’t wait at restaurants.) but have heard good reports.  Of course, Cracker Barrel is always safe.

Clarksville – Other than chains, about all I can personally vouch for is Pasta Grill, Exit 58, to the right and on the right.  I’m sure there are other options; just don’t know about them.

A bit of a holiday bonus is attached.  Of course, it pertains to food.  Fun and tasty little side dish for your seasonal enjoyment.

Thank you muchly for your attention and for your support.  Hope to see you soon and often and give us a shout if we can help although, office time will be a bit sparse in the coming days.  Be well, be blessed and be thankful.

Doug Killgore, CMAA