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Mustang Monitor: November 14

Chilly, chilly greetings,

Headed to Mena?  Game temps are forecast to be 30 +/- degrees; breeze out of the east (at visitors’ back) 2-3 mph.  Be prepared.  Admission is $6, adults and students, as this is a AAA playoff game.  Gotta Pay the Piper, ya know.

If you are not attending; you might check out for some live streaming, web action.  I have not tested this; it came to us directly from the provider.  It is legit according to my buddies at Mena High School.  They did warm me:  The announcers are definitely bias toward the Bearcats.  Makes sense; another “Pay the Piper” situation.

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Much action coming up; check out the possibilities on the schedule.  There will be an update after Saturday’s action.  Till then, stay well, be well and, above most everything else, be WARM.

Doug Killgore, CMAA