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Mustang Monitor: Extra

Greetings one and all for a brief report,

There is much “rumor” that seniors are planning to implement a Skip Day today.  Please be assured, CAC has not, is not, and likely will NEVER authorize a Skip Day.  The student handbook policy states:


Compulsory attendance laws require CAC to set a limit on the number of days a student may be absent from school.

Students are permitted no more than 10 absences from any one class per semester. This should be adequate time to take care of the student’s normal illness, doctor or dental visits, or other extenuating circumstances. A student will be allowed to make up all assignments during these ten days if a written explanation of the absences, signed by the student’s parent or person legally responsible, is presented to the school office upon the student’s return. If a note is not presented, the absence will be considered unexcused until a note is submitted to the office. Notes must be presented within two days following the absence for the absence to be excused. No make-up credit will be permitted for an unexcused absence.

Signed notes from parents are required even if a call explaining the absence has been made. Since the number of allowed absences can easily be used due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, parents are urged to limit absences that may be avoided by scheduling appointments during school breaks or before or after school hours.

From the Student Athlete Handbook, Students must be present a minimum of 4 class periods to participate in extra-curricular activities that day. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Doug Killgore, CMAA