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Mustang Monitor: October 2

Congratulations to the Lady Mustang Golf Team. The squad of Alexa Goodlow, Cheyenne Butler, Lauren Horton and Allie Weiner were Runners Up in the State Golf Tournament on Tuesday. Allie Weiner was the medalist with a par round of 72! Alexa Goodlow joined Weiner with both qualifying for the All State Team. Great job ladies; proud of you. A big THANK YOU to Max Weiner, Don Goodlow and Carrie Scott for their great leadership in hosting the tournament. Also, The Country Club of Arkansas was a great host to allow a wonderful experience for the 63 student athletes who competed. A good time was had by all.

Don’t forget, one of the highlights of the varsity football season is tomorrow night; Elementary Cheer Night! The group of 50 or so will perform at halftime; come on out and support them. We are starting something new this year at varsity games, corporate sponsors for the cheerleaders. This week’s honors and credits go to: State Farm Insurance and the GastroArkansas Clinic. Thanks to both groups for their support for tomorrow’s CHEER ACTIVITY!

Also, tomorrow night, Boomerang Car Wash of Maumelle will be in attendance. They will have a coupon sign up for a drawing for a LOT of carwashes. Additionally, us TEE SHIRT FLINGERS will be sending some special tees into the audience with discount coupons for great car washes. I promise, the Boomerang tees will NOT be soaked with suds!

That’s it for now. Be well, be happy and BE HERE, TOMORROW NIGHT; it is BLACK OUT NIGHT. Come dressed in a spirited fashion.

Doug Killgore, CMAA