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Mustang Monitor: August 6

First day behind us greetings,

Yes indeed, the staff met today, refreshed our spirits, intentions and goals for the year and began the never-ending task of “stompin’ out ignorance.”  All with the tasty nourishment of PFTA barbeque!  (A hearty thanks to the Corbells!!)

We will be continuing our preparations and inspirations as well as a bit of classroom cleaning and redecorating in the coming 4 days before welcoming your kids (and likely many of you) next Wednesday.  By the way, before you head to Lowe’s or Home Depot, chandeliers and area rugs are NOT permitted in student lockers.  Thought I’d save you some disappointment and effort.

As we begin, this reminder of tomorrow night’s events.  At 6:00 pm, the Fall Sports Parents Meeting will be held in the Cone Auditorium.  This is a required meeting for at least one parent who will have students involved in fall sports UNLESS you attended Monday’s meeting for 8th  – 12th graders playing football.  Important information, given briefly, will be presented as required paperwork will be given to you for completion and submission.  Following a session of about 30 minutes concentrating on sports medicine items, teams/sports will meet briefly with coaches to address the upcoming season.  Meetings will be held for 7th grade football, all volleyball, all cross country and boys golf as well as varsity and junior high cheerleaders.  Parents of fall sports athletes unable to attend will be expected to schedule a one on one meeting with either Traci Byrd or me by Thursday, August 14, to permit continued participation by their student.

Beginning at 7:00 pm, the New Student Orientation will provide a brief introduction to the great experiences available on Mustang Mountain.  Chad Tappe will lead the presentation (assisted by Tamara Hodges, Keri Mina, Danny Sullivan and yours truly) on daily life on the Mountain, school opportunities, things to expect (and not!), an introduction to the Student Handbook and many of noteworthy items of particular interest to those new to CAC.  Following the presentations, a dinner theater complete with a prime rib buffet will be offered.  (Or not!)  Got your attention though, didn’t it?

While the New Student Orientation might not apply to many of you receiving this missive, likely you know those to whom it would apply.  Please remind them of the event; you can even share the Mustang Monitor with them, asking them to sign up for their own copy by simply sending me an email request.

Until the next time, thank you for your interest and support and, most of all, for your prayers for the students and staff for a grand school year.  Be well, be happy and be sure to holler if we may be of assistance.