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Mustang Monitor: August 21

Greetings all,

Wowie, Zowie; into week TWO.  Time flies when y’er havin’ fun.  Things are going well on the Mountain.  If you know otherwise, please let us know.  An email would be great.

Tonight is a grand evening event with great information, good opportunities and some fun.  Mustang Mountain Open House!!!!

Mustang Mountain Open House, 7:00 pm – This is a great event when you have the opportunity to BRIEFLY run through your student’s schedule.  Following an introductory, all together session in Cone Auditorium, your will briefly attend classes in the same order and room that your child follows.  Each teacher will give a short overview of her/his class and include contact information.  Due to the brevity of the occasion, we ask you to respect that this is NOT an occasion for a teacher conference.  You might schedule a conference for another day but with so many on campus in such a short event, please do not monopolize the time of teachers as they will be attending to many, many parents.

You will have an opportunity to begin the evening a bit early with a Prayer Rally in the gym at 6:30pm led by Chad Tappe.

Following the class schedule section, a vast number of opportunities will be available in the cafeteria until about 9:00 pm.  Included in this event will be:

Athletics – Items available will include:  PE clothes ($25 set); Spirit Packs ($35 set), Adult Season Tickets ($125 each), and hopefully, September 2’s BUZZ  game tickets ($7 each)

PFTA – A grand variety of Spirit Items as well as opportunities to assist

Junior Class – This year’s spirit tee shirt, a significant fundraiser with proceeds going to support the junior senior banquet

Golden Links – Sign up to support the staff in very special ways most importantly including prayer sessions,

Pizza Sellers – Who could resist the opportunity to assist in the food distribution process for both junior and senior high lunches?????

There will likely be other groups represented; stay tuned for the mid-week update for a more extensive listing.  This bit o’ advice:  Bring your checkbook; cash is good too.

NOTE:  If you have not attended the required Heat/Concussion Session required for fall sports participation, the FINAL offering will be at 6:15 tonight in the Gym; classroom on the left.  Parents only, students do not need to attend.

Friday – Meet the Mustangs – Be introduced to the various Mustang football teams and cheerleaders including all grades 5 – 12.  The event begins at 6:30 pm in the Diles Activities Center high atop Q Court.  Come out to meet these great student athletes and get them fired up for beginning of the season.

That should work for a reminder.  Good, good times ahead!!  Don’t forget to go to now and always for all things important INCLUDING sports as the website has been consolidated into the main site.  Look around this great source of information; get familiar with it as we will be using it extensively in the coming years.  You might also follow me on Twitter; @BowTieAD to access results and late breaking announcements and reminders.

See you tonight, give me a shout if I don’t see you.  Old guy, beard, bow tie.  Shouldn’t be tough.  Be well, be happy and be here for the next couple of evenings.